neuer "Markt am Ende, oder Wende""" ja wann was?

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14644 Postings, 7478 Tage lackiluneuer "Markt am Ende, oder Wende""" ja wann was?

alles aus und vorbei, oder kommt noch der positive Hammer,(Rally)mfg  

11.06.01 16:14

14644 Postings, 7478 Tage lackiluwenn Nasdaq,heute gut läuft,ist die wende da,und

wie es aussieht, kann es Heute losgehen, einer was dagegen,???auf gehts.  

11.06.01 16:16

7149 Postings, 7836 Tage LevkeDas Ende

Bei unserem Treffen von immerhin 14 Leuten, war der Tenor:
Umschwenken vom Neuen Markt in:
a.) Nasdaq - Werte
b.) Dax - Werte

Kaum jemand, der noch vom Neuen Markt eine postitive Meinung hat.
Es hat zwar auch fast jeder "eine NM - Leiche" im Keller, hier
wird aber auch nicht mehr ausgessen, sondern Verluste realisiert und

Lediglich Zocken wird von den Meisten noch mit Freude getätigt;
alerdings ist dieses schon fast zum Hobby verkommen-

Den nächsten Schub nach unten bekommen wir dann Anfang Juli, wenn die
Fondsbesitzer ihre Abrechnungen erhalten und sehen, daß es weiter bergab
gegangen ist.
Dieses wird zu weiteren Ausstiegen führen........  

11.06.01 16:29

34198 Postings, 7697 Tage DarkKnightWende ab Mittwoch

The Scoop: Futures are lower before the bell, and without much market-moving news to shake up stocks, the focus is expected to stay on corporate profit warnings. Thursday night saw a downpour of warnings, and as early as Monday after the close a second shower could be seen. It's going to keep trading on the light side, and it will add to profit-taking pressure.

The Outlook:Our technical analysts expect some pullback over the next couple sessions as the earnings warning fears play out. From there, gains by mid-week appear more likely.

Market Data -- Monday, June 11 PRE-OPEN  Dow Jones  S&P-500  Nasdaq-100  
Value  10,977  1,265  1,896  
50-day moving avg.  10,659  1,234  1,798  
IDEA Stance  Mixed  Mixed  Mixed  
IDEA Target
10,939  1,245  1,872  

Beyond the Market: Crude Oil is on the rise following flooding in Texas. It's felt that transportation problems in the oil-rich state could bring prices higher in other parts of the U.S.There is no major economic data to be released Monday, but expect the minds of traders to be on some data due later in the week.On Wednesday May retail sales will be released. Expectations are for a gain of 0.2% versus a revised 1.1% for April. Excluding autos, sales are expected to rise 0.4% (versus 0.8% in April). On Thursday May producer prices will be released - expectations are for a gain of 0.3%, and 0.1% excluding food and energy. On Friday May consumer prices will be released, and expectations are for a rise of 0.4%, and 0.2% excluding food and energy.Also Friday, and potentially more important in the thinking of the Fed, will be May industrial production and capacity utilization figures. Industrial production is expected to slip 0.4% (versus a drop of 0.3% in April) and capacity utilization is expected to fall to 78% from 78.5% in April. Industrial production is the largest area of the economy, and the Fed will be watching to see if the core of the economy needs further propping up, in the form of more cuts to interest rates.Early Monday, Fed officials Laurence Meyer and Robert McTeer will both be speaking. Sector Watch: There is little sector-specific movement in pre-market trading. Financials could get a boost merger speculation surrounding Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and American Express. Auto stocks may benefit from a Salomon Smith Barney upgrade of Ford, stating that bad news is already priced into the stock. Movers:AOL Time Warner [AOL:NYSE] and Chinese PC maker Legend will team up in a $200m joint venture to provide Internet service in China. With Legend's 40% of Chinese domestic PC sales, the deal is expected to give AOL a solid foothold in the Chinese ISP market. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter [MWD:NYSE] has been holding informal talks with American Express [AXP:NYSE] about a possible merger, according to Barron's. The two banking firms have been in talks for some time, according to sources, and the resignation of MSDW President John Mack in January was at least partly caused by these talks.GE [GE:NYSE] may be willing to triple the amount of divestitures it undertakes to gain approval for a deal to acquire Honeywell [HON:NYSE] for $42bn. GE's Capital Aviation Services division is at issue with the European Commission, which feels the leasing unit gives GE to much leverage over customers. DuPont Photomasks [DPMI:Nasdaq] expects Q4 results to fall short of estimates. The maker of semiconductor imprinting equipment said Q4 earnings would be $0.00-$0.19 per share, below the $0.52 expected by analysts. Sales are expected to drop 3.5% from last year to $91m-$98m, below the $108m expected. The firm is citing the slowdown in the global semiconductor industry for the shortfall. Peregrine Systems [PRGN:Nasdaq] will buy Remedy [RMDY:Nasdaq] for $1.08bn in cash and stock. Peregrine, an infrastructure management software firm, is buying this rival to expand its presence in the small business market. The deal values Remedy at $35.12, a premium of about 91%. Spectrian [SPCT:Nasdaq] said after the close Friday that first-quarter results will be below expectations due to an economic slowdown in North America and Korea. The maker of radio frequency amplifiers and semiconductors said Q1 losses will be $0.70-$0.87 per share on sales of $27m-$33m. Analysts had expected Spectrian to lose just $0.26 per share.Alexander & Baldwin [ALEX:Nasdaq] said its profits in Q2 will be 10%-15% lower than the $0.69 per share earned a year ago. The diversified food and transportation firm said results will be partially impacted by a seasonal drop in large property sales

11.06.01 16:32

7149 Postings, 7836 Tage LevkeUnbelievable - A Augsburger can understand English

wow - ich bin beeindruckt (I am impressed)  

11.06.01 16:44

428 Postings, 7492 Tage keptn kWende

mich bald ab  

11.06.01 16:46

9161 Postings, 8011 Tage Italian...hehe o.T.

11.06.01 16:50

69230 Postings, 8005 Tage KickySagt keiner was zur IBM und SAP Kooperation

die in USA jetzt verkündet werden soll?IBM will die Software von SAP verwenden,das sollte doch wohl für einen Zock gut sein in einem OS (ich nicht mehr!)  

11.06.01 16:50

34198 Postings, 7697 Tage DarkKnighthey, what's up? 30 years of f.... army here ...

there is more left than sweet brown babies and lonesome mothers  

12.06.01 21:31

34198 Postings, 7697 Tage DarkKnightbis jetzt alles nach Plan o.T.

12.06.01 21:51

14644 Postings, 7478 Tage lackilu@DarkKnigt

könnten Recht behalten, nur was ist dei Plan?? na wollen wir mal glauben,das bald""" ich hoffe sofort der Mist vorbei ist,(fallende Kurse) was glaubst du??? grüsse lackilu  

13.06.01 10:02

34198 Postings, 7697 Tage DarkKnightHey guys, its wednesday, open your pockets

the early bird catches the worm ...  

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