der Hollinger-Skandal mit Kissinger und Perle u.a.

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69155 Postings, 8001 Tage Kickyder Hollinger-Skandal mit Kissinger und Perle u.a.

The company's directors include former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Richard Perle, a former assistant defense secretary.

Hollinger International is the publisher of the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph and the Jerusalem Post in addition to the Sun-Times.

Earlier, the Chicago Tribune, citing a government source, reported that the SEC intends to examine the company's board of directors, which has been criticized for its lack of oversight of transactions that benefited senior officials.
The Canadian-born Black resigned as chief executive from the Chicago-based company on Monday after disclosures he and other executives collected $32 million in unauthorized payments

CEO zurückgetreten nachdem die SEC Untersuchungen eingeleitet hat und veröffentlicht wurde,dass die Direktoren sich um 32 Millionen bereichert hatten.
Hollinger veröffentlicht die Sunday Times ,die Chicago Tribune ,den Daily Telegraph und die Jerusalem Post.Unter den Directoren befinden sich Henry Kissinger und Richard Perle,die massgeblich an der Medienreklame  für den Irakkrieg beteilgt waren .  

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gerade schon wieder.

interessiert auch wieder keinen.

Es lebe die heile Welt.  

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69155 Postings, 8001 Tage KickyDer Fisch stinkt zuerst am Kopf
In addition to Black, several other Hollinger executives resigned their positions with the company. David Radler stepped down as president and chief operating officer of Hollinger and as publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times. Mark Kipnis resigned as the company's vice-president and corporate counsel. A special committee of Hollinger's board found that $32.15 million in payments "styled as 'non-competition payments' were made that were not authorized or approved by either the audit committee or the full board of directors of Hollinger." Of that, $7.2 million each went to Black and Radler and $16.6 million went to Black-controlled parent company Hollinger Inc. Two other Hollinger execs received just over $600,000 each.The payments to Black and the other executives were detailed in filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in march 2002.

"However, this prior disclosure stated that the payments in question had been authorized by the independent directors of the board, which did not occur, and that the payments were made "to satisfy a closing condition," which was not accurate," Hollinger said.
Last June, following formal complaints from minority shareholders, Hollinger International formed a special committee of independent directors to look into huge management fees and other payments made to Black and other senior Hollinger executives through Black-controlled companies. Last Friday, Hollinger International told the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it would have to delay the quarterly filing of its financial statements because an independent committee of the board had found "inaccuracies" in previous filings


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"The name of the game", oder: "Who cares?"

Wen interessiert schon die Wahrheit? Ist nur lästig und vom Verwaltungsaufwand kaum mehr zu bezahlen.

Deckel zu, Schicht im Schacht, Schluß aus.  

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