Wer hat weiterführende Informationen zu Western Minerals ??

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5 Postings, 8026 Tage Master DWer hat weiterführende Informationen zu Western Minerals ??

Das ne umbenenung stattfindet in Adultshop weiß ich schon aber was ist das Hauptbeschäftigungsfeld und wo gibt es Zahlen bzw. Facten ?!


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67 Postings, 8004 Tage MichaelmanInfos zu Western Minerals

  Besagter Wert mutiert gerade vom Förderunternehmen
  von z.B. Gold (alte Website: http://www.wmt.com.au)
  zum Internetversandhaus für Erotikartikel, die Website
  http://www.adultshop.com soll zum Jahresende starten.
  Derzeit ist dort bereits folgender Text zu finden:


  18 June 1999

  Australia's first ASX - listed Internet retailer of adult

  The Directors of Western Minerals NL (soon to be renamed AdultShop.com
  Limited), are pleased to announce that at today's Extraordinary       general Meeting all resolutions, as outlined in the circular sent to     shareholders, were passed.

  The resource industry is clearly under significant pressure at the       present time. The existing situation of a low gold price coupled with    a strengthening Australian dollar make raising capital for exploration    projects very difficult, particularly at the smaller end of the market    in which Western Minerals NL operated.

  The original Directors of Western Minerals NL have for some time been
  looking for opportunities which would enable the Company to enter a      new sphere of business, thereby severing its total dependence on       minerals and pursuing an active focus on a key growth industry.

  Western Minerals NL has today officially received shareholder approval    for its name change to AdultShop.com and for a change in its business    focus from mineral exploration to that of an Internet retailing       business. To achieve this, the company has entered into an agreement     to acquire the rights to design, establish and operate a web site on     the Internet which will market and sell adult leisure products (ie.      erotic toys, videos, compact discs, lingerie and publications) on a    worldwide basis.

  Shareholder approval was also received for a capital raising of up to    4 million dollars. The likely reinstatement date of the company to       official ASX listing is 25 June 1999.

  Chairman, Hans-Rudolf Moser has stated that the company "represents an
  opportunity to participate in the growth of the Internet through the     adults product industry, currently one of the most popular Internet      and profitable consumer e-commerce categories. AdultShop.com is now      positioned to take advantage of this opportunity by establishing a web    site for adult products".

  He added "AdultShop.com will have a highly experienced management team
  with extensive worldwide contacts, access to a strong supply network     and established infrastructure through the existing Barbarellas       business to source and deliver an extensive range of quality products,    and a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at developing a powerful    brand name". Barbarellas offers adult products through its       Australia-wide retail chain. It was established in 1976 and is owned     by Malcolm Day and Rod Smith. Barbarellas successfully operates 21       shops, a mail order and wholesale division and a magazine distribution    business in New Zealand.
  The company has also secured the right of first refusal in respect of    any future sale of the Barbarellas business by Malcolm Day and Rod       Smith and identified a number of exciting growth opportunities.

  The Directors of AdultShop.com have stated that as a result of the
  successful shareholder meeting today, they will be appointing Malcolm    Day and Rod Smith to the Board as Managing Director and Executive       Director respectively.

  Rod Smith was a founding partner in the first Barbarellas store which    opened in 1976, and has over 25 years' experience in retail       management, primarily in the adult leisure product industry. Malcolm    Day joined the Barbarellas group of
  companies in 1996 as an executive director and at the same time, along    with Mr Smith, founded Adult Communication Services (ACS). ACS is one    of Australia's largest providers of adult phone services. Both Mr Day    and Mr Smith bring with them extensive experience in retail,       e-commerce and web site development.

  This is a very exciting time for both existing and potential       shareholders. With the tremendous growth forecasted for both Internet    usage and the adult product industry supported by experienced and       enthusiastic management, AdultShop.com is sure to be a company to    watch closely.

  A corporate profile of AdultShop.com follows this media release.
  For further details, interviews or photographs, please contact:

  Malcolm Day
  Managing Director
  AdultShop.com Limited
  Phone: (08) 9325 5199
  Mobile: 0417 770 315

  Released By:
  Natalie Croker
  100% Marketing
  Phone: (08) 9474 1939


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