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6045 Postings, 7397 Tage jack303Umfrage in US: DAS SCHLIMMSTE KOMMT NOCH

One year after the terrorist attacks and 30 months into the worst bear market in a generation, the American way of business is at a crossroads. In this two-week series we examine what needs to be done now to fix the problems.

CBS MarketWatch/CBS News
National Investor Poll

Plus: See the full CBS MarketWatch Special Report

The worst is yet to come

A year after the terrorist attacks, investors see no sign of a market bottom.
Bush: Ratings and the economy closely tied

Pollster: How investors reacted  Will the Dow be above 9,000 at the end of this year?

Undecided: 4%

Safe at home
Burned by stocks, Americans shift their bets to real estate. Is that such a good idea?

Ich als euer Anwalt rate Euch: "Die bittere Erinnerung an schlechte Qualität währt viel länger  als die kurze Freude am niedrigen Preis !"

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