USA Technologies, strong buy.

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3947 Postings, 7430 Tage EskimatoUSA Technologies, strong buy.

Das wird nen echter Leader im bargeldlosen Bezahlsystem. Riesige Kurschancen, beste News von heute, ganz frisch.

Kurs aktuell 0,55, bald 3 Dollar."

USA Technologies' e-Port(TM) Implemented in M&M's(R) Branded Vending Program  
       WEDNESDAY, JUNE 04, 2003 9:01 AM
- PR Newswire

WAYNE, Pa., Jun 4, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- USA Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: USTT) and Masterfoods USA, a division of Mars, Incorporated, announced today that the company is the latest to offer the e-Port(TM) cashless payment system in its M&M'S(R) branded snackfood and ice cream vending machines. Masterfoods USA is the latest in a list of global consumer products companies to offer e-Port(TM) to meet the growing consumer demand to enact a vending purchase with a credit or debit card.

e-Port(TM) is now installed in M&M'S(R) branded machines in major markets across the U.S. including New York City, Washington DC, Boston and Philadelphia, in a mix of high profile tourist & travel locations, entertainment venues, with planned expansion into hospitals and high traffic public locations.

"After installation of the e-Port(TM) into the M&M'S(R) vending machines, we saw an almost immediate increase in sales from credit card transactions," said George Jensen, Chairman and CEO, USA Technologies, Inc. "Credit and debit card sales now account for 15% to 20 % of total sales. Additionally, we saw that the average credit card purchase amount was more than 50% higher than the average cash purchases."

"We tested the e-Port(TM) for several months and quickly saw the benefits, with a significant uplift in snackfood and ice cream products through our vending machines," said Kira Schneider, Sr. Vend Account Manager of Masterfoods USA. "Although Masterfoods USA products already account for 6 out of the top 10 confectionery items, our consumers enjoyed the convenience of using their credit cards to purchase their favorite M&M'S(R) ice cream and confectionary products."

USA Technologies' e-Port(TM) wireless, cash-less payment system can be installed in standard vending machines in minutes at a very low cost. e-Port's versatility to accept multiple cash-less formats, including credit/debit cards, employee identification numbers (ID) keyed into a keypad, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), cell phones and hotel room key cards, has led to the significant distribution growth of the product within the vending industry.

"Every day e-Port's leadership as the vending industry's cash-less payment technology is recognized by major global corporations like Masterfoods USA. We will be announcing more contracts with global brand names wanting to offer their customers the convenience and simplicity of e-Port(TM) cashless transaction vending," said Mr. Jensen.

With consumer growth in the area of credit and debit card commerce accelerating, and consumers indicating an increased desire to use their credit cards for vending purchases, the e-Port(TM) is fast becoming a driving force behind cashless transactions in a variety of markets, from traditional vending and point-of-sale terminals, to quick serve restaurants, gas pumps and postage machines.

A recent survey showed that more than four out of five U.S. account holders (82%) have an ATM/Debit card and 86 percent of users made a card purchase in the past 30 days. The survey also showed that more and more card holders prefer to purchase items from vending machines with their credit/debit cards.

About USA Technologies:

USA Technologies is a leader in wireless non-cash and m-commerce transactions, associated financial/network services and interactive media technology. USA Technologies provides networked credit card and other non-cash/mobile commerce systems in the vending, commercial laundry, hospitality and digital imaging industries. USA Technologies is an IBM Business Partner and an inaugural member of the Sprint Enabling Application Service Provider Program for e-commerce. The Company has marketing agreements with the IBM Corporation and MEI and the ZiLOG Corporation.

About Masterfoods USA:

MASTERFOODS USA, the United States food, snack and petcare operations of Mars, Incorporated, is one of the world's leading food manufacturers. The combined food, petcare and snack segments are a symbol of excellence for quality brands. Headquartered in Hackettstown, NJ, MASTERFOODS USA owns some of the world's favorite brands including M&M'S(R) Brand, SNICKERS(R) Brand, UNCLE BEN'S(R) Brand, KAL KAN Brand, PEDIGREE(R) Brand Food For Dogs, WHISKAS(R) Brand Food For Cats, SEEDS OF CHANGE(R), and FLAVIA(R) Beverage Systems.

CONTACT: Media, Wendy Jenkins, VP of Marketing of USA Technologies, +1-800-989-0340,; or Investors, Mathew Henderson of CEOcast, Inc., +1-212-732-4300, ext. 225,, for USA Technologies

SOURCE USA Technologies Inc.

Media - Wendy Jenkins, VP of Marketing of USA Technologies,
+1-800-989-0340,; or Investors - Mathew Henderson of
CEOcast, Inc., for USA Technologies, +1-212-732-4300, ext. 225,

Copyright (C) 2003 PR Newswire. All rights reserved.


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1151 Postings, 7646 Tage f8169@Eskimato

mann mann mann, wie willst denn damit Geld verdienen?
Die sind ja mehr als Tod!!!
22%verlust bei einem Umsatz von 2000Stück gestern.
Die hast Du wohl gekauft? :-))

viel Glück!!!

ciao f8169  

05.06.03 08:12

3947 Postings, 7430 Tage EskimatoAch was, gingen

gingen häufiger ne Million Shares rum in letzter Zeit.
Geh jetzt aber schlafen, hab die Nacht gearbeitet.
Was welche Aktien 2000 gekostet haben..., nicht so wichtig jetzt.
Gruss E.  
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3947 Postings, 7430 Tage EskimatoUnd f8169, wie war Dein Tag?

Von Amishares brauchst Du mir nichts erzählen,

Gruss E.

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13451 Postings, 7567 Tage daxbunny:-) o. T.

05.06.03 19:42

67663 Postings, 7900 Tage Kickyuff

Eismaschinen jetzt mit Kreditkarten?rechtfertigt das den Anstieg?
aus dem letzten Report:The Company has incurred losses of $17.3 million and $12.5 million during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2002, and for the nine months ended March 31, 2003, and cumulative losses from inception through March 31, 2003 amounting to $65.8 million. At March 31, 2003 the Company's working capital deficit is $4,904,450. The Company will require additional debt or equity financing for its operations which may not be readily available. These factors raise substantial doubt about the Company's ability to continue as a going concern.....
denke mal das hat mehr mit den LaJolla Investors zu tun,die ja da voll engagiert sind


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