So, jetzt mal im Klartext! An alle Zocker.

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1055 Postings, 7888 Tage GarionSo, jetzt mal im Klartext! An alle Zocker.

Was ist das für eine Aktie mit WKN 901714?
Bei Yahoo als Kurs 1,20 ?
Bei Börse-online 0,60 ?
Das versteh ich nicht.
Warum sollte man die Aktie eurer Meinung nach besitzen?


18.11.99 17:14

810 Postings, 7958 Tage IntuitivZokkerRe: So, jetzt mal im Klartext! An alle Zocker.

ganz einfach:
Alle China gehen zur Zeit durch die Decke (+1000% und mehr),
obwohl keiner weiß, wie gut sie sind oder was sie genau für
Chancen haben.
Das einzige Argument ist, überall, wo Internet drauf steht,
aht enorme Chancen, dann und nur dann, wenn der WTO-beitritt
Chinas passiert, was noch nicht feststeht.
Guck dir mal den tageschart heute an, über 100% schwankung,
d.h. da haben viele Ihr Geld verloren und wenige haben ihr
kapital verdoppelt. wenn du mich fragst, jetzt ist der Kurs bei
0,67, das ist verdammt billig, wenns morgen wieder bei 1,35
steht. Aber ob dem so ist enzscheiden nur Leute mit viel
Kapital, nicht die Logik von absehbaren Events.

Ist so wie auf Schwarz zu setzen,
wenns klappt hast du das doppelte!
und man lernt nichts dazu!!


18.11.99 17:16

1055 Postings, 7888 Tage GarionIntuitivZokker

Woher nimmst du den Kurs Chart?
Bei einigen Seiten kommt da unter WKN 901714 eine Baufirma von den Bermudas?!?!?!?!?!


18.11.99 17:23

810 Postings, 7958 Tage und dann einfach die WKNnummer eingeben und auf INTRA o.T.

18.11.99 17:23

1055 Postings, 7888 Tage GarionRe:

Bei anderen Seiten steht: China Prosperty Int. Hold. mit der Branche


Wo ist denn da das Internet????????


18.11.99 17:35

810 Postings, 7958 Tage IntuitivZokkerWTO - Beitritt in (bad) english:

                 November 18, 1999
                 Web posted at: 10:39 a.m. HKT (0239 GMT)

                 HONG KONG (Reuters) -- Hong
                 Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa
                 said on Wednesday China's expected
                 entry into the World Trade
                 Organization (WTO) would benefit the
                 territory but the growing Chinese
                 economy also presented challenges.

                 Tung, speaking at a news conference
                 after a meeting of his Council of
                 International Advisers, also said he
                 expected the local economy to
                 continue to grow in 2000 after a recent sharp downturn.

                 "I think Hong Kong will benefit (from China's WTO membership) on many
                 fronts," Tung said, citing the local financial, services, transport and tourist
                 industries as examples of beneficiaries.

                 China is Hong Kong's largest trading partner and the territory is the
                 mainland's most important entrepot. A large number of Chinese enterprises
                 have offices in Hong Kong to tap into the territory's international community.

                 Tung noted some financial analysts have indicated that China's WTO
                 accession would double the country's trade by 2005.

                 "The pie is going to get much bigger, and Hong Kong being one of the main
                 centers of shipping, both by air and by sea, will benefit enormously from this
                 expansion of trade," he said.

                 Part of the increased foreign investment in China would be made through
                 Hong Kong, and the opening up of the Chinese economy would bring
                 investment opportunities to local businesses.

                 He said the government's policy would be oriented to help local businesses
                 take advantage of China's WTO entry.

                 Beijing and Washington signed a WTO trade agreement on Monday, paving
                 the way for China's entry into the world trade body.

                 Tung said his international advisers believed China's WTO entry would be
                 positive for China and the world because it would boost trade, and would
                 benefit Hong Kong in many aspects in the near, medium and long term.

                 The advisory panel comprises global business leaders.

                 But Tung said Hong Kong would also have to strive to maintain its
                 competitive edge in the face of China's growing economy.

                 "We must face many changes and challenges, including the continuous
                 economic development of the mainland economy and continuous
                 improvement in mainland human resources," he said.

                 He noted some companies might move their Asian headquarters from Hong
                 Kong to China. "We've always been seeing this problem."

                 Tung said the advisers thought Hong Kong should continue efforts to
                 strengthen its competitiveness and continue to adjust its cost structure to
                 enhance its attractiveness as an international center for services and

                 "From the point of view of international investors, the adjustment still needs
                 to continue for some time before Hong Kong can really compete in costs
                 with several other cities and territories in Asia," he said.

                 The advisers noted Asian economies had improved and the growth in the
                 West would be sustained.

                 "Hong Kong would stand to benefit and our economy should continue to
                 achieve positive growth in real terms in 2000," Tung quoted them as saying.

18.11.99 17:46

1055 Postings, 7888 Tage GarionFür mich noch lange kein Grund,

eine chinesische Baufirma zu kaufen.
Woher nehmt ihr eure Internet-Phantasie bei deisem Wert? (WKN 901714)


18.11.99 18:03

1055 Postings, 7888 Tage GarionRe:

Doch nicht etwa egen dem "Int." im Firmennamen?
Das steht nämlich garantiert für "International".


18.11.99 18:24

1055 Postings, 7888 Tage GarionWußt ich doch,

daß überhaupt nichts dahinter steckt!  

18.11.99 18:48

1337 Postings, 7968 Tage BrainRe: So, jetzt mal im Klartext! An alle Zocker.

Werden die auch ib den USA gehandelt ???? Bitte um Antwort .Danke  

18.11.99 18:57

1055 Postings, 7888 Tage GarionBrain

Ich hab bisher nur eine Firma Names China Prosper mit dem Kürzel CPIH gefunden.
Die hat angeblich das Kürzel OAH, das aber allen Börsenseiten unbekannt ist.

Naja, sehr hilfreich war das wohl nicht.


18.11.99 19:29

66766 Postings, 7846 Tage KickyAlle diese China-Werte gibt es auch am Nasdag ,s.hierzu und

meine früheren Postings von heute.Bin ja richtig schadenfroh,dass CPIH heute bereits 30% verloren hat!Ihr seid ja absolut spielsüchtig.Kennt Ihr den Psychotest für Daytrader?  

18.11.99 20:11

66766 Postings, 7846 Tage KickyHier die Antwort,warum die Hongkong/China-Werte so toll gelaufen sind

Thursday's hot stocks  
Gains in Chinese firms get more selective; Agilent rises, but can't soar  
November 18, 1999: 11:47 a.m. ET

NEW YORK (CNNfn) - Shares of Chinese companies continued to rise Thursday on optimism over China's possible entry into the World Trade Organization. But unlike previous sessions, not all China-based firms shared in the gains.
    A technology alliance, meanwhile, propelled the stock of a semiconductor maker.

    In the early session's highest flyer, shares of American Champion Entertainment (ACEI) soared 660 percent after the television show and video producer said it is on track to acquire an 80 percent stake in China's Great Wall International Sports Media.
    The proposed deal, American Champion said, will allow it "to tap into the commercial sports market in China."
    For those seeking to profit from the world's most populous nation becoming a full partner in world trade, American Champion uttered the right words.
    Investors clearly liked what they heard, sending stock in the San Jose, Calif.-based firm up 2-1/16 to 2-3/8.
    Similarly, stock in Qiao Xing Universal Telephone Inc (XING), the Guangdong, China-based phone company rose 10, or 87 percent, to 21-1/2.
    These gains followed Monday's agreement between the Clinton administration and Beijing that could allow China to enter the WTO.

    But not every Chinese firm listed on American exchanges did well Thursday.
    After rising for three days, stock in China Resources Development (CHBR), a Hong Kong-based rubber distributor, fell 5, or 20 percent, to 20.
    And shares of China Prosperity Holdings (CPIH), a Hong Kong-based construction-services provider, lost 11-1/16, or 35 percent, to 21-1/8.

    Shares of Ramtron International Corp. (RMTR) soared 93 percent after the semiconductor said one of its subsidiaries entered into an agreement to develop semiconductor memory products with Cypress Semiconductor (CY).
    Shares of Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Ramtron rose 1-15/16 to 4-1/32.

    In the week's most closely awaited IPO, Agilent Technologies (A), a diversified technology spin-off of Hewlett-Packard (HP) performed well in early trading, but has not yet become the blockbuster some analysts expected.
    Agilent stock rose 17-3/8, or 58 percent, to 47-3/8, after being priced at 30. This performance lags some of the week's earlier high flyers like Spanish Internet provider Terra Networks (TRRA), which tripled in its debut.

    Shares of Vertel (VRTL) fell 25 percent despite announcing an deal with IBM (IBM), where the computer giant will use Vertel's communications infrastructure products.
    Stock in Woodlands Hills, Calif.-based company fell 13/16 to 2-7/16.   info
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