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21799 Postings, 7972 Tage Karlchen_ISchweizer...

In England solltet ihr euch erst mal lieber nicht blicken lassen.

 Robbed ... by reffin' half-wit
Down and out ... Beckham's despair as England are kicked out of Euro 2004 after his penalty miss




ENGLAND were robbed of Euro 2004 glory last night by a heartbreaking refereeing decision.

Swiss ref Urs Meier ruled out a headed goal by Sol Campbell in the 89th minute, condemning our battling boys to extra time and a dreaded penalty shoot-out.

After a night of high drama in Lisbon, England finished 6-5 losers on penalties, with captain David Beckham blazing his spot-kick over the bar.

But BBC TV pundit Peter Reid later summed up the mood of the nation when he said of the disallowed goal: ?We?ve been cheated.?

And fans were quick to point out that ref Meier?s Switzerland were hammered 3-0 by England last week.

Paul Roach, 35, from Leicester, said: ?I was right behind the goal when Sol scored. I could see nothing wrong.?

Have you my Urs ... Swiss referee Urs Meier disallows Campbell's
goal, indicating that he thought there had been pushing

Manchester businessman Paul James, 56, said: ?The Swiss referee was a joke for disallowing Sol?s goal. I could still clearly see there was nothing wrong with his challenge on the keeper.

?If it wasn?t for that ref we would now be marching into the semi-finals. It?s heartbreaking.?

Nicky Mortimer, 39, a secretary from Chelmsford, Essex, rang The Sun to say: ?That referee is more bent than one of Uri Geller?s spoons.?

And caller Gemma White, 25, an administrator from Christchurch, Dorset, said: ?The ref was bang out of order and he should be sacked. He was terrible.?

Devastated England coach Sven Goran Eriksson said of the goal: ?From the bench it looked all right. We were not lucky with some things out there tonight.?

England went ahead in the 3rd minute with a goal by Michael Owen.

Fans went wild, dancing jigs of glee as they cried: ?We?re not going home.?

I've scored the winner ... Sol Campbell is sure he's scored as he rises above John Terry and Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo to head the ball across the line

Sadly, they were. Things began to look bleak from the moment wonderboy Wayne Rooney went off with a broken foot.

The 18-year-old striker was rushed to hospital for an X-ray after defender Jorge Andrade trod on him.

Although Beckham and Co played their hearts out after Rooney?s departure, slick Portugal gradually got on top.

And in the 83rd minute Spurs player Helder Postiga headed home the equaliser.

England could have sealed victory if the ref had not disallowed Campbell?s goal.

But after 90 minutes the sides were level. And five minutes into the second period of extra time Rui Costa scored the second for Portugal.

Then with five minutes to go Frank Lampard made it 2-2 and English hopes rose again. But the agony of the penalty shoot-out was waiting for them.

It ends in tears ... Darius Vassell, far left, and David Beckham,
who missed their penalties, cry as they leave the pitch

First David Beckham and then Darius Vassell missed from the spot.

England felt they suffered from the state of the penalty spots, which were covered in sand.

Peter Reid revealed the England camp had complained about the problem before the game.

Michael Owen later admitted: ?Going out on penalties is a bitter blow.?

He added: ?I also couldn?t see anything wrong with Sol?s goal.?

Three Lions fans in Lisbon?s stunning Stadium of Light wept as their dreams of glory evaporated.

Tom Preston, a 40-year-old engineer from Boston, Lincs, said: ?I really thought we were good enough to have gone all the way but it just wasn?t to be.?

The England players saluted their travelling supporters before trooping off in misery as millions cried into their beer back home.

Ouch ... Sven winces as Portugal score

England?s defeat was greeted with despair and disbelief by a huge TV audience estimated at up to 30million.

Earlier fans had been on their best behaviour in the bars and squares of Lisbon.

Thousands also had a ball in the stadium ? playfully punting The Sun?s England beach balls around the stands.

The 35,000 loyal fans sang themselves hoarse in a bid to lift the team and covered more than half the stadium with St George cross banners.

They drowned out their Portuguese hosts with chants of ?You?re supposed to be at home.?

Wayne Rooney?s grandad Bill Morrey, 74, arrived at the stadium to find no ticket had been set aside for him and was in danger of missing the match until UEFA officials stepped in.

They produced a ticket at the last minutes and he took pride of place in an official UEFA observer?s seat.

Victoria Beckham had flown from England to see the match after going home to watch son Brooklyn, five, in a school play.

Prince William, 22, watched the big game in The Tunnel House Inn pub, at Coates, near Highgrove.

Like all fans, he went home knowing the dream was over.

  • YOU can tell bungling ref Meier just what you think of his decision ? on his own website.

    Go to and click on the feedback section. Under ?vorname? enter your first name, under ?nachname? enter your surname. Then fill in your email address ? and let rip.

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    25.06.04 11:33

    18637 Postings, 7095 Tage jungchenich sag's ja

    das war kein angriff auf den oder keine behinderung des torwarts. er war einfach zu weit weg vom ball. die beiden englaender haben sich gegenseitig behindert, sonst nix. echt schade!  

    25.06.04 11:36

    292 Postings, 7459 Tage hagenbeckwar nicht der arm

    des 2. beteiligten Engländers über der Schulter des Torwarts ?  

    25.06.04 11:37

    61594 Postings, 6552 Tage lassmichreinTja - der 5meter-Raum ist halt des Torwarts

    Heiligtum... An der Entscheidung gab´s m.E. nix zu rütteln !!

    Hätten die mal besser auf das 2:0 gedrängt, statt sich hintenrein zu stellen hätten sie die Portugiesen mit ihrer Luschen-Abwehr abgeschossen !!!
    Sleber schuld, genauso wie unsere Trottel !!!  

    25.06.04 11:39

    16833 Postings, 7615 Tage chrismitzIch wollte es nicht sagen, da sonst

    wieder einer geheult hätte! Aber nu ist es raus...

    Der Urs war wieder einmal der schlechteste von allen auf dem Platz! Nichtmal Beckham konnte ihm durch sienen mißglücktem Elfmeter das Wasser reichen...und das war ja schon ein starkes Stück!

    So ist es eben, wenn Unfähige Spiele entscheiden...


    25.06.04 11:52

    120 Postings, 6304 Tage MegafishDer Schiri war ok und die Portugiesen haben den

    Sieg ja wohl verdient.

    Chris du hast wohl noch nie Fußball gespielt, sonst würdest du nicht so über becks verschossenen Elfmeter herziehen. Ich möchte dich mal in einer solchen Stresssituation erleben; oh mann....

    25.06.04 11:55

    16833 Postings, 7615 Tage chrismitzAch, schau an!?

    Du denkst also, der Elfmeter war nicht mißglückt?
    Mehr habe ich nicht gesagt! Dass das passieren kann weiß ich!

    Und, ich habe schonmal Fußball gespielt...sogar sehr erfogreich!

    Oh Mann....


    25.06.04 11:56

    191 Postings, 6308 Tage haerte10Vielleicht sollte man mal darüber nachdenken,

    ob Schiedsichterentscheidungen, wie sie auf der Insel gepflegt werden, internationaler Standard werden. Dort wird die gesunde Härte, die für mich zum Fussball gehört, noch gepflegt. Ergibt in der Summe interessantere Spiele und weniger Spielunterbrechungen. Aber die Herren in ihren Anzügen und Krawatten bevorzugen ja die Technikvariante, damit sie in ihren VIP-Loungen verwöhnten Stars bei ihrer Selbstinzinierung zuschauen können.  

    25.06.04 12:03

    120 Postings, 6304 Tage MegafishChris, du hast nicht nur gesagt, dass der Elfer

    missglückt war, sondern auch, dass das ein starkes Stück sei, wenn jemand in einer solchen Situation verschießt.


    25.06.04 12:05

    12850 Postings, 7201 Tage Immobilienhaider beckham hatte am punkt nix zu suchen

    der hat vorher schon nerven gezeigt, da darf der einfach nicht ran wenn es um die entscheidung geht. basta.  

    25.06.04 12:06

    16833 Postings, 7615 Tage chrismitzNaja,

    leg doch nicht alles auf die Waagschale!
    Ich meinte, verglichen mit der Leistung vom Urs war der Elfer von becks genau so schlimm. Wie auch immer es zustande gekommen ist!

    Kannst du mir nochmal verzeihen?


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