SCM->ARIVA _!_SCM_!_kfr. Kurse über 100$ ?

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375 Postings, 8019 Tage oxtornerSCM->ARIVA _!_SCM_!_kfr. Kurse über 100$ ?

Es könnte in kurzer Zeit bei den sehr niedrigen
               Handelsvolumen in D und USA zu einer explosiven Bewegung
               nach oben kommen.

               Falls aus irgendeiner Richtung fundamental überraschend
               positive Nachrichten bzw. Ergebnisse (evtl.
               MP3-Überraschungen) sehen wir in ganz kurzer Zeit Kurse von
               deutlich über 100$

               Wednesday August 11, 2:54 pm Eastern Time

               Company Press Release

               SOURCE: SCM Microsystems, Inc.

               SCM Microsystems Awarded $18 Million Contract With
               U.S.-Based Efdex
               For Its New Digital Satellite Receiver For Personal Computers

               SCM Partners With Efdex, And EUTELSAT To Enable New,
               Highly Secure, Business-To-Business E-Commerce Solution

               LOS GATOS, Calif., Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- SCM
               Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCMM, Neuer Markt: SMY), a
               leading OEM supplier of digital access
               control and connectivity solutions, announced today the
               signing of a contract valued at $18 million USD over the next
               18 months for a digital satellite receiver for
               PCs by the Electronic Food and Drink Exchange (efdex). The
               specialized receiver, or e-commerce box (E-Box), enables
               high-speed data and digital video
               broadcasting. Efdex will deploy E-Boxes at customer
               locations such as grocery stores, restaurants and hotels, to
               provide real time product and pricing information,
               targeted advertising, special offers and online ordering
               capabilities. The initial order from efdex is to provide the initial
               infrastructure for the Western European
               market. Efdex will be introducing the system both within
               Europe and in other locations throughout North America and
               the world.

               ``The combination of video and high volume data transfer
               requires specialized interface hardware,'' stated Tim Carron
               Brown, chairman of efdex. ``SCM's expertise
               in digital TV and security combined with their ability to deliver
               a complete solution from silicon and software through casing
               and connectivity, made them an obvious
               choice for this project.''

               The efdex solution consists of a PC, an E-Box from SCM
               Microsystems that is attached to a satellite dish, customized
               e-business software from IBM, and satellite
               services in Europe from EUTELSAT. EUTELSAT, a leading
               European satellite system provider, is providing the required
               satellite infrastructure in Europe including
               transponders and head-ends. Once connected, customers will
               have an in-house trading system which is constantly updated
               with audio/video advertising and other
               information on one half of the screen and data such as pricing,
               special offers and ordering on the other half. The system will
               directly link retailers with suppliers,
               replacing the need to work with multiple distributors and
               manufacturers while optimizing the ordering process,
               expanding the product offerings and ensuring the best

               ``The efdex system is an excellent demonstration of how
               EUTELSAT's pioneering of the use of open standards for
               satellite data broadcasting contributes to
               developing large-scale e-commerce markets,'' said Antonio
               Arcidiacono, head of Multimedia Services of EUTELSAT.
               ``SCM's E-Box supports this by providing
               specified security, tuning capability and PC connectivity
               functions in an open, flexible and user friendly device.''

               The E-Box can be used for high-speed data broadcasting
               systems, audio/video broadcasts or a combination. With data
               transfer rates of up to 6 Mb per second, the
               E-Box is suited to a number of high-growth applications, in
               particular, secure Internet e-commerce. The product combines
               a digital satellite tuner, a crypto processor
               for secure conditional access, a Universal smart card interface
               for user authentication and e-commerce functions, a common
               interface slot for the use of standard
               satellite TV security systems through DVB or Point of
               Deployment (POD) modules and a USB interface to provide
               high speed, plug and play connectivity to a PC.

               ``The E-Box is an ideal example of how the convergence of PC
               and broadcast technologies is enabling new markets, in this
               case, business to business e-commerce,''
               said Jean-Yves Le Roux, executive vice president and general
               manager of SCM Microsystems' Digital TV Product Division.
               ``SCM is able to provide solutions for
               these new markets by leveraging technologies across our
               company, including the development of silicon, software,
               security systems, digital TV reception
               technologies, PC connectivity solutions and smart card
               interface technology.''

               ``We are excited about the new markets that our secure digital
               satellite receiver for PCs will open to SCM,'' added Robert
               Schneider, founder and chief executive
               officer of SCM Microsystems. ``By partnering with leading
               companies around the world, such as efdex, this is just the

               About SCM Microsystems

               SCM Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCMM - news), with
               headquarters in Los Gatos, Calif., European headquarters in
               Germany, research, development and
               support centers in France, India, Japan, Germany, and the
               United Kingdom, and production and engineering facilities in
               Singapore and Taiwan, is a leading provider
               of products and technologies which enable OEMs to provide
               applications for endusers to control, access and exchange
               digital information with digital platforms like
               PCs and digital TV set-top boxes. SCM Microsystems is a
               leading developer and supplier of plug and play OEM
               peripheral interfacing technology, including ASIC
               interfacing solutions, firmware and software. By bridging smart
               cards, digital media cards and other secure devices with PCs,
               Workstations and digital set-top boxes,
               SCM Microsystems provides cost-effective solutions for
               conditional access to mobile, handheld and desktop
               computers, workstations, digital video broadcasts,
               virtual private networks, electronic files and e-mail.

               For additional information, contact SCM Microsystems in the
               United States at 408-370-4888 or in Europe at 49-8441-8960
               or e-mail .
               The company maintains a Web site at .

               About EFDEX

               Efdex is the global e-market for the $11 trillion food and drink
               industry. By supplying buyers and sellers with an electronic
               trading exchange efdex allows them to
               easily migrate existing trading relationships onto the system
               as well as develop new ones. The business to business
               e-commerce company has pioneered this field
               with its strong industry experience and four years of
               developing proprietary databases, indexes, and transactional
               systems that cannot be easily replicated. A
               partnership with IBM provides efdex with a global software
               platform with fully integrated transactional systems.

               Founded in 1995, efdex is a global company headquartered in
               Stamford, Conn. (USA) with European operations run out of
               London and Asian operations
               controlled from Singapore. The efdex system will be
               introduced to buyer markets on a country-by-country basis,
               but globally to sellers from the outset. The first
               buyer markets coming on to the system will be in Western
               Europe and North America, along with all the vendors around
               the globe who sell to these territories.
               Efdex can be found online at and by calling
               203-964-0200 in the United States.

               About EUTELSAT

               With a fleet of 14 satellites Paris-based EUTELSAT ranks as
               one of the world's leading satellite operators, delivering
               services to Europe, Asia, Africa and North
               America. In addition to pioneering the delivery of Internet
               backbone, push and cache services in Europe, EUTELSAT's
               satellites broadcast more than 500 digital
               and analogue television channels to over 70 million satellite
               and cable homes, and are used for corporate networks,
               satellite newsgathering, telephony and mobile
               voice, data and positioning services.

               For additional information, please contact the EUTELSAT
               multimedia team at EUTELSAT
               maintains a web site at .

               This press release contains forward-looking statements within
               the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as
               amended, and Section 21E of the
               Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Forward looking statements
               include statements related to the anticipated expansion of the
               efdex system beyond the UK, growth in
               new markets for secure digital receivers and SCM's
               participation in those new markets. These statements involve
               risks and uncertainties. For example, efdex may
               modify its' current plans; these potential markets may develop
               more slowly than anticipated; and SCM may not participate
               fully in those markets. SCM's business
               and operating results depend on the commercial acceptance
               of its products by original equipment manufacturers and other
               customers. These risks and other risks of
               SCM's business are described in greater detail in SCM's
               public company reports, including the Report on Form 10-Q for
               the quarter ended March 31, 1998. And
               the Report of Form 10-K for the year ended December 31,
               1998, each filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange

               SOURCE: SCM Microsystems, Inc.  

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871 Postings, 8045 Tage chf1Warum müsst ihr immer gleich den ganzen Text reinkopieren?

Gebt doch einfach die URL an:

Vom Copyright ist eine Verteilung des Textes (auch elektronisch) verboten! Siehe dazu das Kleingedruckte (das du nicht reinkopiert hast: "Copyright © 1999 PRNewswire. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of PRNewswire content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of PRNewswire.")  

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375 Postings, 8019 Tage oxtornerEs ist unglaublich interessant, daß

über die Tragweite dieses Abschlusses noch keiner so richtig nachgedacht hat.

Selbst die 18 Mio $ (für einen Abschluss !!!) im Vergleich zu 77 Mio in 98 lassen die Käufer kalt.

Nun sind bei SCM alle weltweiten bigplayer im Boot.

Ich glaube, daß kfr. der Knoten platzen muß  

13.08.99 11:44

65 Postings, 7976 Tage nemainRe: SCM->ARIVA _!_SCM_!_kfr. Kurse über 100$ ?

Das sehe ich genau so. Fundamental ist bei SCM alles OK.  

13.08.99 19:17

1 Posting, 7867 Tage UrmelFür mich der Top-Wert im NM kfr. >100$ o.T.

   Antwort einfügen - nach oben