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15890 Postings, 7445 Tage Calibra21NEWS von Neomedia!!!

Press Release Source: NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.

NeoMedia Introduces 'Silver Solutions' for High Metallic and Pearl Paint Repairs
Tuesday June 22, 10:45 am ET

FT. MYERS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 22, 2004--"Silver Solutions," a new process created specifically to mend the popular high metallic and pearl paint finishes on new cars, has been introduced by the NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair business unit of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM - News).
"Technicians trained in Silver Solutions can provide low-cost repairs of high metallic paints and exotic pearls at minimal effort using the NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair system," said Chuck Jensen, president, COO and acting CEO of the parent company.

"Today, optional high metallic and pearl finishes are increasingly popular among consumers," he said. "Unfortunately, with their dream car came the universal headache of how to quickly and cost-efficiently repair scratches, blemishes, and dings on high-tech surfaces."

Jensen said that with Silver Solution, auto body shops do not have to pay special attention to lighting and application technique, as previously necessary, when such refinishing was expensive and difficult.

"Traditionally, high pearls and metallics would be blended over a large area, adding to material costs and the time needed to complete a repair," he said. "Now, a NeoMedia-trained technician can perform a micro repair at a fraction of the cost and time of old-fashioned methods because Silver Solutions is designed specifically for metallics and pearls, where lack of pigment or translucent pigment made colors difficult colors to match. Silver Solution also fully controls the dreaded 'halo' effect, allowing metallics and pearls to maintain identical orientation throughout the repair, resulting in a superior micro repair," he said, noting that "even with minimal training, many first-time Silver Solution users can perform complex and technical micro repairs.

"We are committed to keeping NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair on the cutting edge of technology," said Jensen.

Today's announcement marked the second time in as many days that NeoMedia Technologies has made news. Yesterday it announced a collaborative agreement with Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC - News) for NeoMedia's PaperClick® mobile connectivity platform to operate on the recently introduced Intel PXA27x processor family-based cellular phones.

Additional information about Silver Solutions and on how to become a licensed, authorized NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair Systems Expert(TM).is available from or by calling (877) 203-6393.

About NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. ( is a developer of patented software and technologies which link physical objects directly to targeted online data, with expertise in homeland security and e-authentications NeoMedia markets PaperClick® and PaperClick for Cell Phones(TM), a mobile extension of the PaperClick platform, and a Systems Integration Group which specializes in providing expert-based IT consulting, hardware, and software solutions. The NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair Business Unit (formerly CSI International Inc.), is a 13-year-old company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which specializes in products and services for the worldwide micro paint repair industry.

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. With the exception of historical information contained herein, the matters discussed in this press release involve risk and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statement.


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15890 Postings, 7445 Tage Calibra21Zeit für Neueinstieg o. T.

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8970 Postings, 6576 Tage bammieabwarten

bis sie wieder auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurückgekehrt sind :)


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24 Postings, 6306 Tage steuerabzahlerWar die News heute zu schlecht das Neomedia

anstatt steigt, fällt?  

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8970 Postings, 6576 Tage bammieheute sind nur Gewinnmitnahmen o.T.

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24 Postings, 6306 Tage steuerabzahlerGewinnmitnahmen? Ich bin nocht nicht einmal drinn! o. T.

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15890 Postings, 7445 Tage Calibra21Noch nicht? Dann wirds Zeit denn,

die Gewinnmitnahmewelle ist vorrüber.

Die Nachricht über die neue Technologie wie man Autolacke reparieren kann stoppte diese.

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