MXIP heute 4.44 Dollar an der Nasdaq, in Berlin 3,60 Euro. Na denn kaufen.

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748 Postings, 8159 Tage hugoMXIP heute 4.44 Dollar an der Nasdaq, in Berlin 3,60 Euro. Na denn kaufen.

KJD ist beteiligt an Max Internet Communications (WKN 915157)! Und was macht dieses Maklerunternehmen. Schaut mal unter bei "Neuemmisionen" vorbei!

Diese Meldung spricht für sich

MAX Internet Communications, Inc. Launches German Subsidiary for International Expansion
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 10, 1999--Voxcom Holdings, Inc., dba MAX Internet Communications Inc. (OTC:MXIP), announced their expansion into the German and European markets through a newly owned subsidiary, MAX Internet Communications Deutschland GmbH.
The Company has appointed Mr. Rainer Thieme to be the Managing Director for the new subsidiary. Mr. Thieme will recruit a sales and marketing team to assist in launching the MAX i.c.LIVE product to the German and European markets, which includes introduction to Pan-European distributors and OEM customers. The Company's expansion into the European markets will be coordinated with the advertising and marketing campaign that is currently underway here in the states to obtain global brand recognition.

Mr. Rainer Thieme has spent the last 19 years working in the computer industry with such companies as Control Data, NEC and Quantum. For the last 9 1/2 years and until recently, he managed the Central European division for Quantum Corp. in Europe, where he built a strong OEM and distribution business. In the first 3 1/2 years at Quantum, he established a Pan-European distribution network in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Mr. Thieme has studied Economics and acquired an MBA in Sales/Marketing in Frankfurt. His contacts and experience in both the computer industry, as well as in building a distribution network, will be invaluable to the Company's international expansion.

About MAX Internet Communications, Inc.

MAX Internet Communications owns the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the MAX i.c.LIVE product which is a unique and revolutionary accelerator card for Internet and Intranet video communications and video processing. The product was designed to equip the desktop computer with the power required for true motion video communications over the Internet. It is the first parallel processing Supercomputer for the desktop PC. MAX i.c.LIVE specifically equips a computer to video conference in true motion over the Internet or LAN, stream video full screen and full motion, capture, record, edit and playback video, play MPEG-1 and DVD movies with full screen output to a TV or monitor, and provide AC3 Dolby Digital surround sound.

For more information about MAX Internet Communications or to obtain investment information, visit the company's Web site at or contact Investor Relations at 214/691-0055.



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748 Postings, 8159 Tage hugo4,50 zu 3,70.------>das geht aber schnell! o.T.

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748 Postings, 8159 Tage hugo4,56 zu 3,90 ----->Hey risko, wo steckst Du denn? o.T.

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