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August 13, 1999 10:15

Corporate Profile for MAX Internet Communications, dated Aug. 13, 1999.
--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The following Corporate Profile is available for inclusion in your files. News releases for this client are distributed by Business Wire and also become part of the leading databases and online services, including all of the leading Internet-based services.

Published Date:   Aug. 13, 1999
Company Name:     Voxcom Holdings, Inc. dba MAX Internet
Address:          8115 Preston Rd. Eighth Floor
                 Dallas, TX 75225
Main Telephone
Number:          214/691-0055
Internet Home
Page Address

Chief Executive                                                              
Officer:         Lawrence R. Biggs, Jr.
Chief Financial                                                              
Officer:         Leslie D. Crone
Investor Relations                                                            
Contact:         Leanne K. Sievers
Business number: 214/691-0055 ext. 114

Public Relations
Contact:         Fleishman Hillard -- Ashley Blaker
Business number: 214/665-1313

Industry:         Computer Services/Technology

Trading Symbol/    
Exchange:        OTC BB:MXIP

Market Makers: M.H. Meyerson, Sharp, Herzog, Wilson Davis

Company description: Voxcom Holdings, Inc., dba MAX Internet Communications, Inc., owns the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the MAX i.c.LIVE product, which is a media accelerator card designed to equip the desktop computer with the power required for Internet and Intranet video communication and video processing. With its on-board processor and patented operating system, MAX i.c.LIVE is the first parallel processing supercomputer for a desktop PC. Its two key applications include 2-way, true motion video conferencing and sending and receiving full screen, full motion streamed video over the Internet or LAN.

  CONTACT:  MAX Internet Communications, Inc.

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