Investors give Bush high marks

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6045 Postings, 7396 Tage jack303Investors give Bush high marks

But slip in economic conditions could hurt, poll finds
By William L. Watts,
Last Update: 12:03 AM ET Sept. 10, 2002

WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) - Investors continued to give President Bush high marks for his overall job performance, but indicated his approval ratings might suffer if the economic recovery loses steam, according to a CBS MarketWatch/CBS News national investor poll.


One year after the terrorist attacks and 30 months into the worst bear market in a generation, the American way of business is at a crossroads. In this two-week series we examine what needs to be done now to fix the problems.

CBS MarketWatch/CBS News
National Investor Poll

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The Sept. 6-8 telephone poll of 1,099 randomly selected investors found that 69 percent approved of the job Bush is doing as president, unchanged from a July survey and surpassing a 63 percent approval rating produced by a Sept. 2-5 CBS News/New York Times poll of the general public. See full story.

Bush's overall approval ratings soared in the aftermath of last year's terrorist attacks, hitting 90 percent in Oct. 2001 before edging back down to current levels, which remain well above the 50 percent approval rating registered in the last CBS/New York Times poll conducted before Sept. 11.

The investor poll found that 50 percent approved of Bush's handling of the economy, up from 46 percent in July and compared to 47 percent of the general public.

But the poll also showed that investors' perceptions of Bush's presidential prowess were closely tied to their view of the economy. Only 38 percent of investors who thought the economy was in recession approved of Bush's handling of the economy. Sixty-seven percent of those who thought the economy wasn't in recession approved.

The survey also showed that most investors think White House policies have some effect on the economy, for better or worse. One in four said Bush's policies affect the economy "a lot," while 54 percent said Bush has "a little" impact. Seventeen percent said the president's policies have no impact one way or the other.

Also, Bush was more likely to be blamed by investors who think the economy is in bad shape than he was to be praised by investors who think the economy is good. Of those who thought the economy was in bad shape, a third said they believed Bush's policies had "a lot of impact," while only 17 percent of those who thought the economy was in good condition thought the president's policies were a major factor.

The survey found 49 percent of investors felt Bush needed to "pay more" attention to the economy, while 44 percent said he was "paying enough" attention.

William L. Watts is a reporter for
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