Hartcourt + 150%, Quo vadis?

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102 Postings, 7977 Tage alk99Hartcourt + 150%, Quo vadis?

Hartcourt (900009) geht ja ab wie 'ne Rakete. Hab bei 1,48 Euro einfach mal ein paar gekauft und staune über mein glückliches Händchen (Heute: 4,05 E). Ist das nur eine Spekulationsblase oder steckt etwas fundamentales hinter dem Kurssprung.
Daraus leitet sich die frage ab, ob man Gewinne mitnehmen sollte oder ob die Ralley weitergeht.

auch an Stopkursen interessiert             alk  

17.11.99 13:30

147 Postings, 7836 Tage ProbejrRe: Hartcourt + 150%, Quo vadis?

Also ich würde sie auf jeden Fall noch halten.
Falls die Pläne mit China halbwegs gut über die Bühne gehen, wird man in 2 Jahren auch Kurse von deutlich über 15$ sehen können. Ich bin bei 1,25E
eingestiegen und werde eher noch mal nachkaufen, als meine kostbaren Stücke einfach wegzugeben. Du würdest dich später nur ärgern, wenn Du sie nicht mehr hättest...  

17.11.99 14:01

70 Postings, 7914 Tage FrankieEin sehr konseratives Kursziel Probejr - Hier ein E-Mail vom CEO Dr. Phan

                  November 17th, 1999

                  Dear Shareholders:

                  Just a little note to update you on the progress we have made and a big
                  thank-you for all the support we have received during the past
                  six months. From those "long" holders who believe in our vision to those "new"
                  holders who witness its realization, it has been a
                  fantastic journey. However, the play just started, the audience just settled in
                  their seats, and we promise it will be nothing sort of
                  amazing. Enjoy the show.

                  Five years from now, when China's GNP doubles that of Japan, when Chinese
                  Internet users reach the magic number of 140 Million,
                  you could imagine what Hartcourt's value really is. Nothing sort of being the
                  leading Internet company in Asia is acceptable to us. In
                  conjunction with this focused goal, you have the unique character of Hartcourt
                  management: honesty, integrity and openness.

                  There are some rumor regarding "selling-out". Of course, it would be difficult to
                  stop shareholders from grabbing a $50 offer to make
                  a quick exit, but personally, I will not stop until Hartcourt reaches its destination.

                  As you know, the WTO agreement has created a new business environment:
                  more competitors will come into the China market.
                  However, Hartcourt still has a two-year headstart, counting the time it would
                  take the US and Chinese Congress to ratify the treaty;
                  then, the time for our competitors to locate a JV partner and apply for a license.
                  On the other hand, it is now easier for us to raise
                  capital for our projects; so we will be able to execute our plan much faster. We
                  welcome the competition , as it will raise our level of
                  excellence, from technological innovation to talent and marketing management.

                  Our priority number-one is still the completion of an IPO underwriting for the
                  premier financial portal of the combined UAC and FTL
                  operations. The addition of 3 strategic partners will fortify our enviable market
                  position. The IPO shares we own will bring HRCT value
                  to a new high. So far, we are on time regarding the schedule.

                  Our priority number-two is to start the wireless ISP operation by March 2000.
                  Two US strategic partners are expected to join us in the
                  project. Given the technical and financial strength of Innostar, we should
                  complete our tasks in a much easier manner than most
                  ISP's. If allowed to expand by the government, the IP phone system will be the
                  most profitable project in China, generating no less
                  than $60 Million net profit annually. A separate IPO for Innostar is planned for
                  1st quarter of 2001.

                  A NASDAQ application is already on hand. If our share price maintains the $4
                  level for the next 45 days, the application will be filed
                  immediately afterwards. We have obtained sponsorship for listing at GEM in
                  Hong Kong, but the cost of $700,000. is too high at this
                  moment. We will defer it until next year.

                  Our search for the CEO is still going on. A few interviews have not resulted in
                  any agreement. However, we are getting known among
                  the Internet community leaders, and phone calls from big names are coming in.

                  By year-end, you should see the whole picture much clearer, as we are
                  completing these tasks, one by one. Except for World War III,
                  Y2K disaster, stock market crash, there is nothing to stop us now. I will be back
                  in China on December 6th. What I bring back will
                  astound you. We are marching forward, and I always remember the words of
                  Sun Tzu, " The outcome of the battle is already
                  decided, before the first shot was fired."

                  Again, many thanks for your support. Let's get going.

                  Dr. Alan V. Phan
                  Chairman & CEO

17.11.99 14:03

70 Postings, 7914 Tage FrankieHier weitere Infos zum Kursziel => Weitere 100 % sind drin

In a recent press release, the Hartcourt Companies Inc. (OTC:HRCT) announced
                  that its joint venture with UAC Online Stock Trading Inc. has signed a contract
                  with Beijing Telecom, the wholly owned subsidiary of giant China Telecom.

                  According to the contract, Beijing Telecom will grant UAC five months free of
                  charge for all the leased lines to be installed at brokerage offices. In addition,
                  Beijing Telecom will also grant UAC 1,000 NUI numbers free of fixed monthly
                  charges till the end of the year 2000. With these favorable conditions, Beijing
                  Telecom wishes to work with UAC to quickly market 162 network in the Beijing
                  data market. The contract will help UAC to rapidly expand its service in the
                  Beijing area.

                  Hartcourt also announced that UAC has received the second government funding
                  from the Beijing Science & Technology Committee. "UAC 162 network" has been
                  listed as a torch project (No. 99337), which entitles it to receive free grants,
                  reduced taxes and research and development support by China Science and
                  Technology Commission.

                  UAC operates the first and only nationwide online trading network in China,
                  connecting investors with their stock brokerage offices via Chinapac, the
                  nationwide packet switched data network owned by China Telecom. UAC is the
                  first and only operating agent of China Telecom`s Chinapac system.

                  In a former press release, the Hartcourt Companies, Inc. announced that the
                  Joint Venture formed with UAC Online Stock Trading Inc. of China has been
                  approved by the government. An official Business License and Certificate of
                  Foreign Investment were issued to the JV. It is a significant development in
                  affirming the legality of the JV company, especially in view of recent confusion
                  on foreign investment; and reflecting the desire of the government for a
                  speedyimplementation of the project. UAC operates the first and the only
                  nationwide online trading network in China, connecting investors with their stock
                  brokerage offices.

                  UAC system has been in operation at two offices of China Securities in Beijing
                  and 12 additional offices should be wired up during the next few weeks. China
                  Securities, the second-largest brokerage firm in China, has signed an agreement
                  to install the UAC system in all of its 98 offices nationwide. As the first and only
                  CHINAPAC operating agent designated by China Telecom, UAC is in a unique
                  position to market the services to all brokerage firms in China. At present, there
                  are 4,000 brokerage offices in China serving 40 million investors. UAC`s mission
                  is to quickly capture as much market share as possible. Total revenues,
                  excluding the TV set-top box users segment, are projected to exceed $40 million
                  by 2004.

                  UAC is also working with Financial Telecoms Ltd (FTL) of Hongkong to create the
                  most comprehensive financial portal in Chinese language for the Internet users
                  of China and Hongkong. The merged entity, with the participation of additional
                  well-known American and Chinese strategic partners, will proceed with an IPO
                  planned for the 2nd quarter of 2000.

                  Dr. Alan Phan, Chairman and CEO of Hartcourt, stated, "We were surprised to
                  receive the licenses this early. Our Chinese partners have delivered more than
                  expected. It is a good omen for the future. We are proud of these unique

                  Mr. Shi Zhang, Chairman and President of UAC, said, "Even though the profit
                  potential of the Joint Venture is tremendous, it is just a first step of our
                  cooperation. Next on line is the best Chinese financial portal with the same
                  standards and features like Bloomberg or MarketWatch. We are creating
                  something unique and spectacular for the Chinese Internet users. Our market
                  position and our leading-edge technology will ensure our long-term success."

                  Additional to this great news Hartcourt announced that it has signed a Joint
                  Venture Agreement with Innostar HiTech Enterprises of China to establish a
                  nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) and IP Phone Service in China.
                  Innostar has been operating an IP Phone Service in Beijing for the last 14
                  months, in cooperation with Ji Tong, the national wireless phone company. With
                  the participation of Hartcourt, Innostar could expand this IP Phone Service to
                  other cities and provinces in China. Projected revenue from the IP Phone Service
                  alone would be $2.8 Million in 2000. Net profit is estimated at $1.6 Million.
                  Innostar also owns the license for a national ISP. The Joint Venture company
                  will provide high-speed Internet connections to hotels, office buildings and
                  apartment complexes, using a Chinese sattelite with bi-directional KU bands to
                  transmit data to these commercial users. It will be a first for China. Both parties
                  are committed to provide the most sophisticated technology for the system
                  infrastructure in addition to strong strategic alliances for its marketing program.
                  The Joint Venture will bring in additional JV partners, well-known American and
                  Chinese firms to strengthen its unique market position. The national license will
                  also allow the Joint Venture to engage in E-Commerce activities and other
                  Internet services.

                  The Joint Venture will be called INNOSTAR, and should start the operation within
                  4 months . Innostar will hold 65 percent and Hartcourt will hold 35 percent of
                  ownership in the Joint Venture.

                  At present, China has about 4.5 Million Internet users. As the phone charge
                  keeps getting lower and the basic PC prices are at the $200. level, China
                  Internet Data Research expect the number of Chinese users to grow to more
                  than 100 Million by 2005, second only to the US.

                  Dr. Alan Phan, Chairman & CEO of Hartcourt, said," As we said previously, we
                  will proceed wholeheartedly with the national ISP project. Innostar is such a
                  powerful enterprise that we will be ensured of strong support in the telecom
                  industry. The IP Phone operation is currently profitable, so the cash flow
                  projection is much better than a new start-up. We could not ask for a better
                  partner. The synergy created by this ISP project will enhance the likely success
                  of our financial portal , being created by UAC Online Trading and Financial
                  Telecoms Ltd. I firmly believe that our focus on Asian Internet is producing the
                  desired results. "

                  Dr. Jinsong Zeng, President of Innostar Hi-Tech Enterprises Ltd, said," Hartcourt
                  has been diligent in pusuing Chinese Internet projects. The imported American
                  technolgy will help us growing our IP Phone sytems much faster. The high-speed
                  connection via sattelite will be the wave of the future, as we have witnessed the
                  success of wireless phone in China. We are happy working with Hartcourt
                  management and believe that our Joint Venture will be successful."


                  The following projections estimated by independent market experts according to
                  Hartcourt`s revenue projections are based on conservative assumptions. So we
                  consider these figures to be both very realistic and achievable: With
                  approximately 17.6 Million shares issued and outstanding Hartcourt is supposed
                  to be profitable in the year 2000 and to achieve substantial earnings of $0.30
                  per share in the year 2000. Therefore we confirm our share price target to a
                  least $9 at a conservatively estimated PER of only 30 which in case of this
                  tremendous growth potential seems to be even too conservative.

                  On the whole it may be said that The Hartcourt (HRCT) possibly will be able to
                  make even more profit in the year 2000 than we expect. Consequently we would
                  like to mention in advance that Stockreporter.de might have to increase the
                  profit expectations upon availability of the improved earnings projections.
                  According to these facts we are strongly convinced that the share of The
                  Hartcourt Companies (HRCT) currently is drastically undervalued. Therefore we
                  believe that the Company is one of the most exciting companies to come to our
                  attention in recent years. Its enormous growth potential is both dynamic and

                  Based on the foregoing, Stockreporter analysts comment that there is no
                  question the Hartcourt stock is drastically undervalued at its current price of less
                  than $1.50 per share. Stockreporter confirms its share price targets of $9 for
                  the year 2000 and is convinced that this represents an extraordinary opportunity
                  for investors.

                  Furthermore The Hartcourt Companies (HRCT) is already listed at the Berlin
                  Stock Exchange, the major European OTC stock exchange, to increase the
                  international exposure and to establish new investor relations in Europe (the
                  securities code is 900 009). All these listings open the door for new major
                  institutional investments by e.g. national funds and investment bankers and will
                  reduce the negative influence day traders currently have. For that reason
                  potential investors have got only now the extremely unique and promising
                  opportunity to invest in the shares of The Hartcourt Companies (HRCT) on a
                  more than advantageous share price level.

                  According to these great news we are strongly convinced that the shares of The
                  Hartcourt Companies (HRCT) is drastically undervalued at a current price of less
                  than $1.50 offering a short and mid term potential of more than 600%. For this
                  reason we believe that the HRCT share still is one of the most exciting and most
                  promising investment opportunities for both retail and institutional investors and
                  that the HRCT share is going to be one of the best performing micro cap shares
                  in the next weeks and months.

                  This news release contains forward-looking statements with respect to the
                  results of operations and business of the Company that involves risks and
                  uncertainties. The Company`s 'actual future results could materially differ from
                  those discussed. Risks and uncertainties of the Company will be detailed from
                  time to time in the Company's periodic reports to be filed with the Securities and
                  Exchange Commission.

17.11.99 14:07


17.11.99 14:25

1348 Postings, 7878 Tage DGrommRe: Hartcourt + 150%, Quo vadis?

Hardcourt jetzt verkaufen ? Nö, wäre Unsinn. Ich halte sie fest und nach den bisherigen Informationen zum weiteren Ablauf von Hardcourt stehen alle Zeichen auf Kurserhöhung, selbst wenn er zwischenzeitlich mal kurz absackt. Werde auch noch nachkaufen, sobald ein Kursstop erfolgt.  

17.11.99 14:29

3007 Postings, 7933 Tage Go2BedNa dann schmeiß mal Deine Übersetzungsmaschine an, Duda! o.T.

17.11.99 16:15

147 Postings, 7836 Tage ProbejrÜbersetzung

Wie schon von Frankie erwähnt, wird hier das Kursziel des Unternehmens bis ca. Mitte des nächsten Jahres auf 9$ gesetzt und nochmal das riesige Potential des chinesischen Internetmarktes angesprochen, das sie zusammen mit Innostar in einem Joint Venture optimal nutzen können.
Die aber wirklich sehr konservativen Schätzungen, wie die Stockreporter
Analysten selbst sagen, lassen noch weit aus mehr Potential zu.

Wir werden bestimmt noch im nächsten Jahrzehnt einen 3stelligen wert erreichen, wenn herr Phan sein Unternehmen so klug weiterführen kann, woran ich keinen Zweifel habe.Zu heiß gelaufen ist Hartcourt also noch auf gar keinen Fall.  

17.11.99 22:45

70 Postings, 7914 Tage FrankieKursziel: 60 USD bis Ende 2000...

... diese Kursziel nannte Dr. Phan letzte Woche bei seiner Präsentation in Frankfurt!

An dieses Ziel glaube ich nicht ganz, ich vermute Hartcourt wird dieses Ziel vielleicht Ende 2001 erreichen, aber ich lass mich gerne überraschen.



17.11.99 23:28

2048 Postings, 7927 Tage checkitAlles klar, aber es muß jetzt die übliche Konsolidierung um 30-50% einsetzen! Bei 3,0

steige ich dann wieder ein. (Bin leider bei 2,00 raus).
Jeder Titel hat nach einem so extrem Anstieg immer eine fast genauso heftige  Konsolidierungsphase vor sich. Die fehlt hier. Und wenn die kommt, dann aber ganz ganz schnell wieder rein.

18.11.99 11:53

70 Postings, 7914 Tage Frankiecheckit

Hallo checkit,

es tut mir leid, daß Du bei 2 schon wieder raus bist. Du solltest Dich vielleicht mal ein bischen im WO-Board umtun, dann hättest wahrscheinlich nicht verkauft.

Ich würde mich auch über eine Konsolidierung freuen, damit Leute wie Du nochmal die Gelegenheit zum Einstieg haben (Ich selbst bin und bleibe long, 40 % meines Depots, Einstand bei 1,10USD), denn ich bin von der Story überzeugt. Harcourt hat im Bereicht Internet-Brokerage eine Monopolstellung und wird diese noch über Monate halten können. Bis dahin ist ein großes Stück des Kuchens an Hartcourt gegangen.

Es kann sein, daß der Kurs nicht mehr runterkommen wird, da China-Aktien seit dem WTO-Beitritt Chinas in sind.
Desweiteren darf der Kurs in den nächsten 45 Tagen nicht mehr unter 4 USD fallen, damit HRCT bei der Nasdaq gelistet wird und ich vermute, daß man dafür sorgen wird daß der Kurs über dieser Marke bleibt.



18.11.99 12:31

293 Postings, 7936 Tage Emmaan Frankie:

weißt Du, wann die Entscheidung gefällt wird, ob Hartcourt an der Nasdaq gelistet wird?
(Bin auch in Hartcourt drin mit Einstandskurs 1,48 und werde auch noch lange drin bleiben..)  

18.11.99 16:31

102 Postings, 7977 Tage alk99Danke für die Infos

Ich bleib auf jeden Fall weiter drin. Da im Augenblick alles nach oben geht was "china" im Namen hat und irgendwie nach neuen Technologien riecht dürften sich doch noch weitere Engagements in anderen Werten aufdrängen.
Daher zwei Fragen?   1.) Wer kennt solche Werte?
                    2.) Wer verrät sie mir?

fröhlich aufs Depot sehend               alk  

18.11.99 18:14

30 Postings, 7829 Tage dumboRe: Hartcourt + 150%, Quo vadis?

Heute leider Minus.
Sollte man zu diesen Kursen noch nachkaufen oder war´s das schon?  

18.11.99 20:57

70 Postings, 7914 Tage FrankieEmma - Hartcourt Nasdaq Listing

Hallo Emma,

Hartcourt muß 45 Tage über einem Wert von 4$ schließen, dann kann diese Aktie an der Nasdaq gelistet werden.



19.11.99 10:34

70 Postings, 7914 Tage FrankieHartcourt JVs werden zu SINOBULL.COM

Hallo Leute,

ich will Euch heute nicht wieder eine Pressemitteilungen ins Board stellen, sondern fasse die Meldung von gerstern Nachmittag (ET) zusammen:

Bis Februar 2000 werden die Chinaaktivitäten unter dem Firmennamen Sinobull.com zusammengefaßt.



19.11.99 10:35

70 Postings, 7914 Tage FrankieHartcourt JVs werden zu SINOBULL.COM

Hallo Leute,

ich will Euch heute nicht wieder eine Pressemitteilungen ins Board stellen, sondern fasse die Meldung von gestern Nachmittag (ET) zusammen:

Bis Februar 2000 werden die Chinaaktivitäten unter dem Firmennamen Sinobull.com zusammengefaßt.



19.11.99 10:49

293 Postings, 7936 Tage EmmaDanke Frankie o.T.

19.11.99 11:53

155 Postings, 7873 Tage DC254788Re: Hartcourt + 150%, Quo vadis?

Ich bin wieder spät dran eingestigen bei 3,75 und hoffe hoffe ihr habt recht
mit 9$ kurs ziel.
WKN 901714 ist auch interesant?  

19.11.99 13:38

293 Postings, 7936 Tage Emmaan Frankie:

hast Du noch die Pressemitteilung von gestern?
Mich würde es schon interessieren, was es Wichtiges zu "Sinobull.com" gibt.
Wo kann ich sie nachlesen?  

19.11.99 14:32

89 Postings, 7821 Tage HeinzelmannHartcourt

Hartcourt ist JETZT ein klarer Kauf!  

19.11.99 17:49

30 Postings, 7829 Tage dumbojetzt noch kaufen (?!)

Heute +-0,00% .
Lohnt sich noch ein Nachkauf mit Limit?


19.11.99 17:50

30 Postings, 7829 Tage dumboHARTCOURT COM. jetzt noch kaufen (?!)

Heute +-0,00% .
Lohnt sich noch ein Nachkauf mit Limit?


19.11.99 23:40

70 Postings, 7914 Tage FrankieDumbo und Emma

Emma, Du findest die Nachrichten in yahoo finance, Kursabfrage HRCT-
Dumbo, wenn Du an die Story und die Kursziele glaubst, dann mußt Du einsteigen, Dir aber über das erhöhte Risiko im klaren sein. Ein Lizenz-
verlust, der seit der WTO-Einigung kaum mehr wahrscheinlich ist, würde einen sofortigen Kurseinbruch bedeuten.



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