Gazprom - Was soll das bitte heißen?

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Der Kurs geht 60% runter und plötzlich bin ich letzter beim Depotspiel :-( schlecht war ich ja schon immer...aber sooo schlecht!? Was heißt die Meldung unten im Klartext? Der Kurs von Gazprom kann sich doch nicht von heute auf morgen halbieren?!

Published: 04/19/2006 12:00 AM (UAE)

Last curbs on Gazprom share trading removed

Moscow: Russian gas monopoly Gazprom said the last obstacles for Russian and foreign investors to buy its shares at home and abroad had been removed yesterday.

"Starting from April 18, 2006, Gazprom's Level-One DR [depositary receipt] programme enables the conversion of Gaz-prom's ordinary shares into DRs and vice versa," the firm said in a statement.

"The depositary receipts will be freely tradeable in the US over-the-counter market, as well as in the European stock markets."

Investors have been waiting for years for curbs to be removed to freely buy into the stock of the world's largest gas producer, which supplies a quarter of Europe's gas needs.

The Russian government finally decided to abolish the restrictions only last year after recovering a controlling stake in the company and allowing free trade in the remaining 49 per cent.

Gazprom's share price has risen more than threefold over the past year giving the firm a market capitalisation of over $200 billion, overtaking the value of Royal Dutch Shell but still behind ExxonMobil and BP.

The firm said that under the new programme one DR was now equal to four ordinary shares instead of the previous 10.

No more than 35 per cent of Gazprom's shares can be converted into DR, a limit applied to all Russian companies.

The Bank of New York will act as depositary bank for Gazprom's DR programme.

"Although we have had our DR programme for the better part of 10 years, the recent share liberalisation affords us the opportunity to expand our equity presence throughout the international investment community," the Bank of New York statement quoted Gazprom's CEO Alexei Miller as saying.

"This programme marks an important milestone for the company and we are committed to supporting current and prospective investors who are interested in Gazprom," said Miller.


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