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Mail an mich heute,gebe den Tip gerne weiter ggg
I know this letter will come as a surprise to you,
but I would like you to
give it top consideration so as to help me and my
family out from our
present economic predicament,which the entire family
is facing this time
I am Gloria Hills the first daughter of Mr Richard Hills a
British citizen who based
in Zimbabwe and also a farmer in Zimbabwe. My
father, Mr Richard Hills who was
under the Zimbabwean police custody is awaiting
trial for not quiting
his farm as directed and instructed by the Zimbabwe
president Robert Mugabe
that the white farmers in the country should vacate
their farmland and go
back to their country. But my father due to what he
has invested in Zimbabwe
and also on his farm refused quitting, it is because
of this that the
president instructed the police to lock him and all
his properties are now
seized by the Zimbabwean Government.
he later died in detention,
All effort made by my fathers friend Mr.David
Connelly, the Zimbabwean
Minister for Agriculture and my mother who is also a
Zimbabwean citizen to
release my father was to no avail. My mother, Mrs.
Rebecca Hills who is from ghana knowing
fully well that the case of my father is a serious case
revealed to me that my
father Mr. Richard Hills deposited some money in a
particular bank in ghana called ''GHANA COMMERCIAL BANK''

She has given me all the necessary documents
concerening thIS transcation,
and the money involved is Eleven million, Seven
Hundred Thousand United
States dollars (11.7m USD).
My mother said I should search for a reliable foriegner
to keep the money because of safety as instructed
her by my father Mr. Richard Hills
my family lawyer advised me that i should look for a relaible
and trustworthy person who will act as a next of kin to the funds
in other for the funds to be transfered to his foriegn account.
this will make us collect the funds easyly and invest it for a profitable
business abroad.
we have also resolved to realise 25%o of the funds to you including 3% set
asside for all expenses we may incure in the  and transfer process.
More information about this will be given to you as
soon as I receive your response to this email.
best regards
Gloria hills.
please kindly reply me on my private email address

denen fällt doch immer wieder was neues ein!Nigeria Connection!  

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Unglaublich diese Dreistigkeit solcher Gauner.
Sollte man immer wieder davor warnen!

MfG bauwi  

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