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DDS Technologies USA, Inc. (DDS USA) is the developer of advanced milling, extraction and processing technologies that preserve nutritional content, enhance economic value, and derive higher quality products from grains, agricultural commodities, and other biomass resources.

Proprietary, patented DDS (Disaggregation Dry System) processes are non-destructive to various components of biomass resources, allowing a higher quality of primary product to be processed and yielding more varieties of higher-value byproducts. The process is based on rapid acceleration and deceleration of particles in a contained, controlled environment at ambient temperature and under negative pressure. The DDS process can effectively micronize many derivative substances, allowing easy integration into other products as additives.

DDS Technologies' principal prospective customers include the agricultural, food processing, pharmaceutical, animal feed and ethanol industries. Manufacturers who utilize the DDS technology may benefit from lower operating costs, increased revenues from usable byproducts, less waste and associated costs, and easier environmental compliance in waste handling. Additionally, the enhanced quality and added value realized with DDS Technologies' dry processes may give manufacturers greater flexibility in acquiring input product, allowing an expanded supply chain and more competitive procurement costs.  

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