Cisco - agressive strong buy

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19 Postings, 7934 Tage HollyJonesCisco - agressive strong buy

Da Cisco nach den vielen News trotzdem korrigiert hat, ist Cisco ein klarer strong buy!

Cisco Systems provides networking solutions that  connect computing devices and computer networks, allowing  people to access or transfer information without regard to  differences in time, place, or type of computer system. For  the FY ended 7/31/99, net sales rose 43% to $12.15B. Net  income rose 55% to $2.1B. Revenues benefitted from higher  unit sales of LAN switching products. Earnings also reflect  lower purchased R&D costs and additional investment income.  

Hier die sehr sehr vielen News:

Cisco Joins OSGi Industry Group
Dec. 10, 1999 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced its membership in the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi), an industry group focused on creating standards to connect Internet devices and services in the home to service providers.
Global Alliance between Cisco and IBM Gains Government Clearance

Business Wire - December 09, 1999 08:18
BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 9, 1999-- MessageMedia Inc. (Nasdaq: MESG), a leading provider of marketing and customer relationship management services, announced today it has been selected by Cisco Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO), the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, to provide outbound and inbound e-messaging services for Cisco customers, resellers and partners worldwide.

Dec. 8, 1999 - An agreement between Cisco Systems, Inc. and IBM to form a global strategic alliance was approved by the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.
Cisco Systems Offers Five Tips for Better Online Customer Service for Business-To-Business E-Commerce Next Year

Dec. 8, 1999 - Cisco Systems, Inc., which last year did more than $8 billion in business-to-business e-commerce transactions, today shared five ways for all companies to deliver better customer service over the Internet

Cisco Completes the Acquisition of V-Bits, Inc.
Dec. 7, 1999 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced it has completed the acquisition of V-Bits, Inc. of San Jose, CA.
Cisco Systems Capital Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Technology Finance Jointly structure U.S. $50M Financing Plan for Dacom

Dec. 7, 1999 - Creating one of the largest high tech equipment financing arrangements of its kind in Asia, Cisco Systems Capital Corporation (CSC) and Hewlett-Packard Technology Finance (HPTF) announced today that they will jointly provide a U.S. $50M financing plan for Dacom, a major telecommunication provider in Korea.

Cisco Introduces Channel Strategy for Delivery of New World Data, Voice & Video Technologies to the Marketplace  
Dec. 6, 1999 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today launched the IP/Telephony Specialization Program as part of its strategy to develop new channels with the expertise and skills to successfully plan, design and deploy New World data, voice and video technologies and applications.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) Builds Path to Next-Generation Network Services with Cisco Systems Equipment
Dec. 6, 1999 - Cisco Systems, Inc. announced recently that it will provide Asian telecommunications giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), the equipment to build a new backbone network that will enable it to offer innovative value-added integrated data, voice and video services.

Friday, December 3, 1999
Cisco seeks deals with Nokia, Ericsson
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Cisco Systems Inc, the world`s biggest maker of computer networking equipment, said on Friday it would like to form alliances with telecoms equipment makers Nokia and Ericsson similar to its wireless Internet deal with their U.S. rival, Motorola.
Cisco hopes to bring Internet to homes, businesses with new wireless strategy
SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) -- Internet equipment provider Cisco Systems Inc. on Wednesday offered a new approach to bringing high-speed, low-cost Web connections to homes and businesses. In an attempt to resolve a problem that has plagued television watchers and cellular phone users in big cities for years, Cisco plans to market technology that essentially harnessesand redirects the voice and data microwave signals that bounce off many obstructions in large cities. When these signals ricochet off obstacles like buildings, trees and hills, they cause ``ghosting`` that distorts pictures on televisions and interferes with cell phone calls.
Cisco`s revenue surges again
S.J. company buys Ohio wireless firm
Cisco Systems Inc. on Tuesday reported a revenue surge of 49 percent in its fiscal first quarter, the seventh quarter of strong sales growth for the San Jose-based networking equipment maker.
Cisco first-quarter profits better than expected
PALO ALTO, Calif. (Reuters) - Cisco Systems Inc.`s fiscal first-quarter profit topped analyst forecasts by a penny as the world`s largest maker of data networking equipment increased sales to Internet service providers.
Nortel launches network assault on rival Cisco
TORONTO (Reuters) - Nortel Networks Corp. , one of the world`s largest communications equipment makers, is slashing some prices and allowing open access to its Internet networking technology in a full-frontal assault on rival Cisco Systems Inc.
Cisco to buy Aironet for $799 million
SAN JOSE, Calif., (Reuters) - Computer networking company Cisco Systems Inc. said Tuesday it would buy Aironet Wireless Communications Inc. for $799 million in stock. Cisco , which makes equipment that directs traffic on the Internet, said the purchase of the provider of wireless local area network (LAN) solutions was part of its strategy for mobile business customers.
Cisco lines up support for wireless standard
SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- Cisco Systems Inc. said Tuesday that 10 companies -- including Motorola Inc. and Texas Instruments -- will develop products using its proposed standard for broadband wireless Internet services, a new technology aimed at making cordless connections to the Internet cheaper and more reliable.
Clarus to offer software in Microsoft-Cisco deal
ATLANTA (Reuters) - Shares of Clarus Corp. rose as much as 80 percent Tuesday after the company said it was chosen to provide purchasing software for businesses as part of an Internet venture backed by Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc..
Giveaway by Cisco aims for share of wireless technology
Cisco Systems Inc. plans to give away some of its wireless networking technology, hoping to spur wireless high-speed Internet services and gain a share of that equipment market. The technology, which comes from a company Cisco acquired last year, works in the frequency band once reserved for wireless cable TV operators.
Cisco, IBM to assist application service providers
SAN JOSE, Calif. (Reuters) - Cisco Systems Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. Monday said they had agreed to work together to develop the market for next-generation Internet services that deliver corporate software over the Web.
VocalTec, Cisco in Internet phone marketing pact
SAN JOSE, Calif. (Reuters) - Cisco Systems Inc. and Herzliya, Israel-based VocalTec Communications Ltd. Wednesday said they agreed to a telecommunications product development, sales and marketing pact. In a joint statement, Cisco, the top Internet equipment maker, and VocalTec, a pioneer in Internet telephony technology, said they plan to sell Internet-based telecommunications equipment to Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet telephone service providers (ITSPs) and traditional phone carriers.
Cisco sees China beating Internet business hurdles
BEIJING (Reuters) - China`s use of the Internet for business will require several years to take off as cultural barriers fall, executives of the networking hardware maker Cisco Systems Inc said on Monday.
Cisco builds a Web-athon to fight poverty
NetAid takes on world hunger
There is nothing small about NetAid. Born of a partnership between the United Nations and Cisco Systems Inc., NetAid`s goal is nothing less than the elimination of poverty and hunger. It will be the first fundraising and educational campaign to combine the power of the Internet, television and radio. NetAid will kick off with three overlapping concerts at locations around the world and feature top pop artists ranging from Jewel and Celine Dion to David Bowie and Bono of U2.
Cisco, IBM form an alliance on data routers and switches
Scratch out another competitor to Cisco Systems Inc., the world`s leading provider of corporate data networking equipment. On Tuesday, San Jose-based Cisco announced an alliance with International Business Machines Corp. that will end the latter`s manufacturing of data routers and switches. Instead, IBM`s massive global sales force will help sell Cisco`s routers and switches to businesses in more than 160 countries.
IBM in $2 billion parts, services pact with Cisco
NEW YORK (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp. Tuesday said it had agreed to supply Cisco Systems Inc., the No. 1 Internet equipment maker, with network technology, components and computer services in a five-year deal valued at $2 billion.
Cisco to buy 2 firms key to optical nets
Telecom: Deals for Monterey Networks, Cerent will move the San Jose company into `next wave` of voice, video, data transmission.
Cisco Systems Inc. will announce today agreements to buy the stakes it doesn`t already own in Cerent Corp. and Monterey Networks Inc. for about $7.4 billion in stock. The moves, which include the company`s biggest acquisition ever, underline the importance of optical technology in the networks of the future.
Cisco, Lucent stoke up their takeover duel
Total value of deals in past two weeks nearly $7 billion
Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose and rival Lucent Technologies Inc. continued a corporate takeover duel Wednesday that has racked up a total of nearly $7 billion in mergers in the past two weeks, as each elbows for a bigger share of the Internet and telecommunications market.
Cisco acquiring Internet company Calista
LONDON -- Cisco Systems Inc, the world`s largest maker of data-networking equipment, said on Monday it had agreed to acquire UK-based Internet technology group Calista Inc for $55 million in stock.
Battling network giants Cisco, Lucent rearm with acquisitions
As networking giants Cisco Systems Inc. and Lucent Technologies Inc. battle for market share, they`ve adopted a similar strategy for boosting sales -- connecting with consultants who not only help companies build complex voice and data networks, but also push networking gear.
Cisco Systems posts 48 percent jump in quarterly revenues
NEW YORK (AP) -- Quarterly revenues soared 48 percent at Cisco Systems as explosive demand for Internet and other network equipment helped the company surpass Wall Street expectations. Cisco earned $727 million or 21 cents per share, in its fourth quarter ended July 31, excluding one-time charges totaling $97 million for acquisition-related expenses.
Cisco Systems investing $1 billion in accounting firm KPMG
NEW YORK (AP) -- Cisco Systems, a leading maker of computer networking equipment, has agreed to invest $1 billion in KPMG LLP to aid the accounting and consulting firm`s expansion onto the Internet.
Cisco plays convergence card, invests in KPMG
Cisco Systems Inc. will announce Monday that it plans to invest $1 billion in the global consulting firm KPMG. In return, KPMG`s consultants will act as so-called systems integrators: They will be trained in, install and oversee the use of Cisco`s technology in companies and Internet service providers worldwide.
Can Cisco Systems and the Internet save the Third World?
MARK Saturday, Oct. 9 for NetAid, the last global benefit bash of the century. Cisco Systems, a new concert impresario, is thinking big, very big. Simultaneous concerts on three stages in two continents over 10 hours.
Intel and Cisco to work on high-speed modems
HILLSBORO, Ore. (Reuters) - Intel Corp. said Thursday it plans to enter the market for high-speed computer modems for consumers and agreed to work with Cisco Systems Inc. to work on shared technology for the fast-growing Internet access market.
FTC ends Cisco probe
Feds close antitrust inquiry of networking giant
The Federal Trade Commission has ended its short-lived antitrust investigation of Cisco Systems Inc., the world`s largest computer networking company. The decision leaves the San Jose-based giant free to pursue its plans to expand beyond its core business of selling equipment to carry companies` computer data across corporate campuses or across the world. The growth of that market is slowing, and Cisco wants to start selling -- to telephone companies, Internet service providers and individual firms -- devices that can carry voice and video traffic as well as computer data.  

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665 Postings, 7892 Tage lowizardRe: Cisco - agressive strong buy

Ihave a similar opinion. However, my options (strike 100) are doing rather badly. It seems price 101 is hard to break...  

16.12.99 08:49

3120 Postings, 7895 Tage PieterRe: Cisco - agressive strong buy


gestern abend habe ich irgendwo , ich weis leider nicht mehr wo genau, eine Nachricht gelesen, das Cisco in Amiland eine Gewinnwarnung rausgegeben hat.
Strong buy, na ich weis nicht . Solltet bei Interresse an dem Wert erst mal nachforschen.


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