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schaut euch die story an

HONG KONG, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Celestial Asia Strategic Holdings Ltd said on Tuesday its
CASH on-line Inc would join forces with CL Markets.com APS to provide Internet foreign
exchange trading in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

CASH had signed a five-year exclusive licence with CL Markets.com, a unit of Credit Lyonnais
S.A. , which would allow CASH to use and deploy CL Markets' forex Internet platform and to
migrate it for use by CASH in the different territories, it said in a statement.
"Credit Lyonnais will act as the primary market maker for all major forex transactions,"
CASH chairman Bankee Kwan told a news conference.
He said CASH would spend about HK$50 million on system integration, advertising and
promotion in the next two years. CASH planned to launch online foreign exchange trading in
the second half of the year in Hong Kong. ((Hong Kong Newsroom +852 2843-6369, Fax
+852 2845-0636 hongkong.newsroom@reuters.com)) .


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460 Postings, 8079 Tage woodstockhjw: wann ist denn diese meldung rausgekommen, vor oder nach börsenschluß HK? o.T.

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