BWOW $1.69 Turnaroundplay / Low Floater

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04.08.11 10:53

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyBWOW $1.69 Turnaroundplay / Low Floater

Ticker: BWOW
Preis: $1.69

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13.02.12 16:00

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyTageshoch

Tageshoch $0.78 +17.1%  

13.02.12 18:15

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyAktuelles L2 und T and S

Angehängte Grafik:

13.02.12 19:12

2172 Postings, 6046 Tage recaroauch wieder ein flop das ding, schade

drauf reingefallen.  

13.02.12 21:12

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyrecaro

Du schmeißt aber schnell die Flinte ins Korn.
Wenn Du nur auf einen Trade auswarst , dann hättest Du ja bei $0.75+ verkaufen können.  

13.02.12 22:07

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeySchlusskurs $0.635

Schlusskurs $0.635 Tageshoch $0.78 Tagestief $0.575  

13.02.12 22:13

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyneues filing  

13.02.12 22:16

3142 Postings, 3754 Tage Marvin15bin

zu blöd diese Filings zu verstehen.....nunja SK war nicht der Hammer, abwarten  

17.02.12 15:34

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeynews

Wowjoint Holdings Limited ("Wowjoint," or the "Company") (Nasdaq: BWOW, BWOWU, BWOWW), China's innovative infrastructure solutions provider of customized heavy duty lifting and carrying machinery, today announced that it signed an agreement with the Zhenjiang City New District government which permits Wowjoint to establish a manufacturing and R&D facility in Zhenjiang City New District. Zhenjiang is located in Eastern China, about 2-3 hours northwest of Shanghai. Wowjoint established a new subsidiary for the property called Zhenjiang Wowjoint Heavy-duty Machinery Co. Ltd. ("Zhenjiang Wowjoint") following the agreement.

The new manufacturing facility under Zhenjiang Wowjoint will cover 200,000 square meters of land. Zhenjiang Wowjoint presently owns 48,000 square meters of the land and may purchase the remaining land in stages over the next couple of years. Construction will be split into two phases, with construction commencing in early 2012. Phase one has an estimated completion time of six months, which would be in late 2012. The new manufacturing facility will be focused on producing and providing maintenance services for Wowjoint's launch gantries, lifting equipment, railway transportation equipment and railway testing equipment.

In addition, Wowjoint established a new R&D center in Zhenjiang in conjunction with Beijing Jiaotong University's Yangtze River Delta R&D Transportation Institute in December 2011. Zhenjiang City New District government provided Wowjoint with 860 square meters of office building space at no cost to the Company. The new R&D center will concentrate on working with the new manufacturing facility, Zhenjiang Wowjoint, to supply enhanced equipment and services to our customers. It will specifically service customers around the Eastern China Yangtze River Delta area, Southern China and international market customers.

"Wowjoint hopes to expand our market share in China and internationally with our strategic development of the new manufacturing base and new R&D center in Zhenjiang," stated Mr. Yabin Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Wowjoint. "We believe it's in a beneficial location close to Shanghai and provides additional resources to capitalize on our international expansion plans."

About Wowjoint Holdings Limited

Wowjoint is a leading provider of customized heavy duty lifting and carrying machinery used in large scale infrastructure projects such as railway, highway and bridge construction. Wowjoint's main product lines include launching gantries, tyre trolleys, special carriers and marine hoists. The Company's innovative design capabilities have resulted in patent grants and proprietary products. Wowjoint is well positioned to benefit directly from China's rapid infrastructure development by leveraging its extensive operational experience and long-term relationships with established blue chip customers. Information on Wowjoint's products and other relevant information are available on its website at

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release includes "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Words such as "expect," "estimate," "project," "budget," "forecast," "anticipate," "intend," "plan," "may," "will," "could," "should," "believes," "predicts," "potential," "continue," and similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this press release include matters that involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements to differ materially from results expressed or implied by this press release. Wowjoint undertakes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this communication. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this communication. All forward-looking statements are qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement. All subsequent written and oral forward-looking statements concerning Wowjoint or other matters and attributable to Wowjoint or any person acting on their behalf are expressly qualified in their entirety by the cautionary statements above. Wowjoint does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statement, whether written or oral, relating to the matters discussed in this news release.

For additional information contact:  

Wowjoint Holdings:   Aubrye Foote, Vice President Investor RelationsTel:  +1-530-475-2793Email: aubrye@wowjoint.comWebsite:

SOURCE Wowjoint Holdings Limited  

17.02.12 15:50

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyTageshoch

Tageshoch $0.68 Tagestief $0.57  

24.02.12 02:20

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeySchlußkurs $0.59

Tageshoch $0.60 - Schlußkurs $0.59  

09.03.12 23:23

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyFinancial Controller

Mr xxxxxx

Thank you for your attention on Wowjoint. I am the financial controller.
We have been undergoing audit from USA a few days ago. I think our auditors will spare another three to four weeks to review our financial statement and discloures by their managers and partners. As the common practice, we will release our Unaudited Financial result of 2011 year and Q4 of 2011 before the end of this Month and file 20F before the end of April. If you have any questions, pls just let me know.

Thanks and Regards
John Rui(芮朋)

Financial Controller
Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Co., Ltd  

21.03.12 14:58

44 Postings, 4193 Tage kukaduHOD $1.04

News? Financials out?  

21.03.12 15:09

44 Postings, 4193 Tage kukadu6% Dividende

Wowjoint Holdings Declares Special Stock Dividend - Quick Facts

( - Wowjoint Holdings Ltd. (BWOW, BWOWW, BWOWU) said its Board of Directors has declared a special stock dividend on its outstanding ordinary shares.

The special 6% stock dividend will be payable on or about April 8, 2012 to shareholders of record as of March 31, 2012. Shareholders entitled to receive fractional shares will receive the number of shares as rounded up to the nearest whole share.  

21.03.12 21:23

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekey8:56:25 AM

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 8:56:25 AM
BWOW going for $1+ today imo - for charts link back!

Habe heute bei $1+ meine Stücke verkauft und bin zu einem kleinen Teil wieder bei $0.68 rein. Morgen werden ich weiteraufstocken, da Ende des Monats Zahlen kommen werden.  

13.04.12 23:34

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyZahlen sind raus

Zahlen sind raus! Sehen gut aus. Denke Montag ist ein guter Tag BWOW zu verkaufen!  

13.04.12 23:49

11328 Postings, 6310 Tage Frankemal kucken was der markt macht

...da läuft gerade wiedr ein spiel  

16.04.12 14:22

44 Postings, 4193 Tage kukaduDem Markt scheint's zu gefallen

+45% WOW BWOW!  

16.04.12 15:04

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyVorbörslich $0.86x$0.94

Vorbörslich $0.86x$0.94
Ich verkaufe meine Restbestände heute innerhalb der ersten 30 Minuten , weil der Ausblick für das nächste Quartal eine Katastrophe ist.  

16.04.12 15:07

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyHier ist der Satz auf den ich Bezug genommen habe

2012 Guidance and Contract Backlog

Management issued revenue guidance for the first quarter of 2012 of approximately $1 to $2 million. The first quarter tends to be a slower quarter historically for the Company. Presently in China, there has been a decrease in infrastructure spending, which has had an impact on projects the Company would be involved in. We anticipate this will change later in the year as spending on infrastructure returns. In addition, the Company is pursuing leasing, service and International contracts to subsidize the reduction in Chinese projects.  

16.04.12 15:59

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekeyIch hoffe Ihr seid alle raus!

Tageshoch lag heute bei $0.86
Ich hoffe Ihr seid alle raus!!!  

18.04.12 14:44

2822 Postings, 7863 Tage thekey$2.6 million contract/agreement

BWOW news - $2.6 million contract/agreement to provide two Movable Scaffolding Systems ("MSS") for a project in Malaysia.  

27.06.12 08:55

44 Postings, 4193 Tage kukaduBodenbildung beendet?

Bruch der 20-Tage-Linie, Schlusskurs fast auf Tageshoch, ADX Cross +/- positiv
Allerdings kaum Umsatz  

19.07.12 15:47

44 Postings, 4193 Tage kukaduErste Posi zu $0.38

Bin mit kleiner Position wieder dabei. Sollte der Boden gewesen sein.  

05.11.12 14:23

1873 Postings, 3881 Tage zend11Strong Buy bei 13 Analysten


Date Open High Low Last Change % Change
11/02/2012 0.33 0.55 0.32 0.38 +0.06 +18.75%
11/01/2012 0.32 0.32 0.32 0.32 +0.06 +23.08%  

05.11.12 14:26

1873 Postings, 3881 Tage zend11In ein paar minuten gehts los bei den amis^BWOW  

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