Augrid (WKN 914525) heute + 86,5%!

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341 Postings, 6655 Tage dan_78Augrid (WKN 914525) heute + 86,5%!

Augrid schließt mit Tageshoch in den USA. Die News treiben den Kurs nach oben!
Handelsvolumen heute knapp 57 Mio.

22.06.04 23:11

397 Postings, 6504 Tage pepeSuper die habe ich auch im Depot

Heute angesehen und dachte mir Nachkaufen
Jetzt das, klasse :-))  

22.06.04 23:12

397 Postings, 6504 Tage pepeAllerdings im falschen Thread gepostet o. T.

22.06.04 23:19

552 Postings, 6307 Tage congahab keine bekommen, aber...

was eisst denn das ?

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 17, 2004--AuGRID Corporation (OTCBB:AGRD) will initiate action to remove its symbol from the Berlin Stock Exchange. "This exchange has become a safe haven for short selling of US securities and has been dreadful to the valuation of our company," stated MJ Shaheed, President and CEO of AuGRID Corporation.

An internal investigation has unveiled information that now requires interception and action from AuGRID's legal team. The details will be assigned to counsel with anticipation that the results be modeled after similar actions taken by companies like Whistler Investments, Inc. (OTCBB:WHIS). We urge our shareholders to request verification of receipt of any shares purchased as well as confirm account balances to ensure shares are not being borrowed without authorization.

Das gleiche habe ich bei China Direct Trade CHDT auch gefunden ?  

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