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3379 Postings, 5977 Tage B GhostATOM-Notebook



AtomChip® SG220-2 [Back view]



The notebook does not employ a Hard Disk and is completely based on solid state AtomChip® optoelectronics [except the mechanical Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi].

The new non-volatile Quantum-Optical RAM increases the speed of the system, since there is no need to refresh information after every cycle of reading of information, unlike regular RAM.

The new AtomChip® Quantum® II processor with 256MB on-board memory has a high speed with very low consumption of electrical energy.

This notebook has a wireless function, high CPU speed and large memory capacity with extremely low power consumption. Absence of the hard disk increases system stability under low temperatures, vibration and acceleration.

Voice Command!
That lets you use your voice to look up e-mails, contacts, get calendar information, play and control your music or video, and launch programs.



Processor: 6.8GHZ CPU (AtomChip® Quantum® II processor / System Compliance: Two Operating Systems with Voice Command (Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional and Linux®) / PROMT-Translator (8 languages) / /Memory: 1TB Quantum-Optical non-volatile RAM (NvIOpSRAM-SODIMM 200-pin) / Storage: 2TB non-volatile Quantum RAM (NvIOpRAM-ATA IDE) / Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi / LCD Display: 12.1? WXGA (1280 x 800, 16:10) TFT Glare Type LCD display with 1.3 Mega pixel CMOS camera / Video & Graphics: Two Integrated graphic controllers [Intel®855GME internal graphics, support Intel® DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) and AtomChip® DVM (Dynamic Video Memory)] / Communication: 10/100 Base-T LAN on board, MDC Fax/Modem V.90/V.92 on Board, 802.11a/802.11b/802.11g WLAN, Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100/2200BG/2915ABG network connection, WiFi, Bluetoth, GPRS -with Bluetoth antena, CMOS camera with USB interface, Mega pixel resolution CMOS image / Pointing Device: Synaptics touchpad with 4 way scrolling button / Application Launch Key: E-mail, Internet, Capture, WLAN / LED Status Indicator: Power, Suspend/Resume, Battery Charging Status, Quantum Storage Access, Num Lock mode, Caps Lock mode, Scroll Lock mode, WLAN Lock mode / Keyboard: 3.0mm travel, inverted-T, 88keys with 2 windows key (Internet & Microsoft For Connectivity) / Interface Ports Front Side: One 4-in-1 card reader slot (support SDIO/SD/MS Pro/MS), Audio line out, Stereo Microphone-in / Interface Ports Left Side: LAN port, Modem port, SVGA?out port, One Type II PCMCIA slot (support CardBus), 1394A port (mini jack) / Interface Ports Right Side: USB 2.0 ports x 3 / Interface Port Rear Side: DC-in, Kensington Lock / Audio: Built-in two stereo speakers and Built-in Microphone / AC Adapter (Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 1.5A. Output: 20V DC, 2.5A, 50W) / Battery: 6 cell Li-lon battery pack. Battery Charge: 3 hrs charge time to 100% capacity while system off and 4 hrs charge time while system on. Battery Life: Approximately 8 hours for AtomChip® Quantum® II processor and 3 hours for 4 x Intel® Pentium® M processors 1.7CHz / BIOS: AMI, Support PnP, password, Bootable from USB and DVD / Power Management: ACPI 2.0 compliance / Smart Battery System Support / Security: Kensington Lock / Size: 320.0(W) x 242.0(D) x 22.0(H)mm/28.0mm (front/back) / Weight: 1.9kg(when fully equipped with AtomChip® Quantum® II processor) and 2,20kg(when fully equipped with 4 x Intel® Pentium® M processors) / Packing Accessories: Quick Guide, Support CD (Driver, Utility, Manual), AC Adapter, Power Cord, Battery Pack, BOSE Headphone Music System with noise Cancelling.

[The cover of the quantum processor is removed]

1 - Connectors
2 - Optical Lens (Transceiver-1)
3 - Optical Lens (Transceiver-2)
4 - Connector for Fibers Optical cable
5 - Fan
6 - Fibers Optical cable


1. The design of the case of the computer (with the video camera), 6 cell Li-Ion battery Pack (with AC Adapter) is developed by ELLITEGROUP Computer System CO. LTD.(Taiwan)

This laptop implements patented new designs of the motherboard, processor, co-processor, RAM and Storage by Atom Chip Corporation.(USA)

The Assembly of the SG220-2:
Computechnics Atom Chip Corporate SDN BHD (Malaysia)

The Manufacturers of the components for SG220-2:
i. SVG Israel New Technology Ltd. (USA)
ii. Tartan Technology, Ltd. (UK)
iii. Kvant Equipment, Ltd. (Hong Kong)

2. Organization of 1TB NvIOpSRAM-SODIMM 200-pin:

4 chips x 256GB each
One word = 4 x 64bits
Communications with AtomChip@Quantum@ II processor through
AtomChip@ decoder/transceiver and AtomChip@ co-processor.

3. NvIOpSRAM is also used as storage.

4. SG220-2 can work even without the Quantum Storage(NvIOpRAM-ATA IDE). Quantum Storage is recommended for recording and storage of the audio/video library. Up to 500 full length movies can be stored on the Quantum Storage. Recording of programs can be done directly from DVD to NvIOpSRAM.

Date Available: January 2006.
Suggested Price: $8500-$15000 (depends on the completeness).

5. At the CES-2005 the company Compu-Technics, Inc. (partner of the company Atom Chip Corporation) demonstrated two new models of the first wireless notebook computer on the market without a Hard Drive. For the first time ever in consumer computers 100GB and 256GB AtomChip@non-volatile RAM/Storage and 4.0GHz AtomChip@ CPU were used in both computers. SG111 was the only one to receive an Award in the Computer Components category for Design & Engineering. SG220 was not submitted for a nomination because the same new components were used in it as in SG111. Both computers were ready for work right after being turned on and did not require rebooting of Windows, unlike when regular RAM and HDD are used. Despite the fast speed of the new RAM and CPU, the overall speed of the computers depended on other slower components mounted on the motherboard of the computers. In the new model SG220-2 the motherboard and its structure are fully replaced. The new RAM has 256 bits (4 x 64bits) in a word, not 64 bits as in SG111 and SG220. For proper functioning of Windows XP, which works with fewer bits in a word, the new AtomChip@decoder/transceiver, AtomChip@co-processor and AtomChip@Quantum II processor were utilized. The real speed of the system is limited by the fact that the operational systems used in SG220-2 have slow work speed compared to the capabilities of the new RAM and processor. However, today it is the fastest personal computer on the market. It will be possible to review the testing report issued by one of the reputable laboratories. The test report will be published by patent office at release of the patent. It also can be read on CES 2006, Booth number 36604, LVCC SO4. Due to a change of management of the company Computechnics Atom Chip Corporate SDN BHD (Malaysia), devastating flood in the region in the Fall of 2004 and other reasons the contracts with the suppliers of components were not concluded and serial release of SG111 and SG220 was not begun.


Non-Volatile Quantum-Optical
Synchronous RAM [200-pin SODIMM]

DC Input Voltage: 1.4V ±5%
Standby: <0.25µA
Read: 1.0 µA
Write: 1.5 µA
Reading time:0.3 ns
Update time:0.5 ns
Temperature Operating: -50+125Cº
Humidity Operating: 5 - 95%
Shock Operating [max]:2,000G

AtomChip® Quantum® II processor
6.8GHz with 256MB on-board memory
[The cover of the quantum processor is removed]

1 - Connectors
2 - Optical Lens (Transceiver-1)
3 - Optical Lens (Transceiver-2)
4 - Connector for Fibers Optical cable


Non-Volatile Quantum RAM / STORAGE
[2 x 1TB (ATA IDE)]

DC Input Voltage: 5.0V ±10%
Standby: <0.5µA
Read: 1.5 µA
Write: 2.5 µA
Reading time: 60 ns
Update time: 120 ns
Temperature Operating: -50+125Cº
Humidity Operating: 5 - 95%
Shock Operating: [max]:2,000G



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