900009 es geht die post ab

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59 Postings, 7965 Tage Duda900009 es geht die post ab

In Antwort zu:HRCT in Profitpicks.com !!!  

Rumored to be closing several strong acquisitions in the next few weeks, rumored to be releasing numerous partnerships and contracts this month that will greatly benefit the company including some major contracts with China, rumors state that it has received 2 buyout offers recently that the CEO is planning to reject, expected to be filing for a NASDAQ listing soon, rumors state that HRCT may be listed on the NASDAQ within a few months, rumored to be giving its SinoBull.com IPO shares to shareholders as a dividend or at least offering them the opportunity to buy them at $20 a share, expected to be releasing a spectacular earnings report soon that will blow away all expectations, its new website is expected to be opening 12/6, involved in a marvelous uptrend recently, likely to continue with the positive rumored and expected news, absolutely enormous short-term potential, spectacular long-term hold.
Kursziel von Profitpicks in den nächsten 6 Wochen: 25 $


06.12.99 11:11

106 Postings, 7934 Tage StoneworkerRe: 900009 es geht die post ab

Und was heißt das zu Deutsch ?? mit der Bitte um Erklärung  

06.12.99 11:13

72 Postings, 7906 Tage PueppiRe: 900009 es geht die post ab

Entschuldige bitte, die Frage hört sich jetzt vielleicht blöd an, aber ich bin noch zu neu hier.  "Was ist Profitpicks" ??  Bedeutet das jetzt, daß Hartcourt ein Kursziel von 25 $ in den nächsten Wochen hat ?????  

06.12.99 11:18

59 Postings, 7965 Tage DudaRe: 900009 es geht die post ab

das es bald richtig nach oben geht  

06.12.99 11:22

59 Postings, 7965 Tage DudaRe: 900009 es geht die post ab

das ist kein push versuch
ich sa´ge guck euch den kurs von heute an
ist schon wieder bei 10 ,30 euro
und freitag ist der kurs im amiland wieder hoch gekommen ohne
eine gute meldung  

06.12.99 13:15

68335 Postings, 7945 Tage KickyNa dann doch bitte auch die Warnung davor zu Rumours

Rumors are one of the worst purposes to buy into a stock, but if they are or become true, the stock can return very handsomely. There are an uncountable amount of rumors that made stocks soar. Arguably the most famous Rumor Play is KTEL, which was buzzing with rumors of a huge short squeeze about to occur for 2 weeks. When the spectacular short squeeze did occur in a two-day period, the stock jumped from 8 to 120. However, if rumors do not become true, they usually cause a severe drop in the stock price. Therefore, you should only play with these Rumor Plays if you research the stock well and the money you use is not "absolutely" required. Remember that Rumor Plays are not stocks to get down on; you must take the profit (if you earn one) and never look back. Don't be frustrated at yourself if you sell a Rumor Play at 8 and the stock hits 20 the next day, because it might fall to 6 the day after that. Never get greedy with Rumor Plays. Please Remember: All rumors are purely speculation and nothing is guaranteed to occur. Only the most recent Rumor Plays are listed and Rumor Plays may be erased if they seem unlikely to hit their target prices or if a more attractive Rumor Play comes in site. We remove all Rumor Plays that make strong downward moves to protect our visitors from thinking that we still recommend them and to make sure that no one makes the poor decision of buying a short-term play with heavy negative momentum. This page is updated daily.


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