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Stockreporter gives Geotele.com Inc. (GEOL) a
                  strong buy recommendation with a conservative
                  price target of $23 per share


                  COMPANY OVERVIEW

                  Geotele.com was formed as a corporation in 1981 and entered the
                  telecom business in 1995. Geotele.com is an emerging multinational
                  carrier focused primarily on providing integrated and competitively
                  priced long distance telecommunications service and Internet telephony
                  services. Geotele.com operates a telecommunications network of
                  switches and leased lines with interconnections to other domestic and
                  foreign carriers. Geotele.com offers a broad range of discounted
                  international, national value-added wholesale, and enhanced
                  telecommunications services to small and medium-sized businesses,
                  as well as to wholesale customers. Geotele.com?s target market
                  includes carriers and businesses with sales or operations in the
                  Caribbean, South and Central America, Asia, Africa (referred to
                  collectively herein as the "Emerging Markets") and the rapidly growing
                  ethnic population in the United States.

                  In response to industry deregulation, increasing traffic volume, and its
                  base of international customers, Geotele.com is continuing to build and
                  expand its base of international telecommunications infrastructure of
                  switches but plans to replace its lease lines with VoIP. The company
                  operates a growing facilities-based telecommunications network
                  consisting of state of the art central office switches in Miami and New
                  York as well as points of presence (POPs) in Atlanta and London.
                  Geotele.com also has dedicated leased capacity between the United
                  States and London, UK, and interconnections with Interexchange
                  carriers (IXCs), local exchange carriers (LECs) and government-owned
                  postal, telegraph and telephone monopolies (PTTs) around the world.
                  Geotele.com plans to upgrade and convert its entire global
                  telecommunications infrastructure to Voice over IP (VoIP) in order to
                  reduce its operating costs and to broaden its potential customer base.

                  Therefore, Geotele.com will be carrying its voice traffic exclusively over
                  the internet and using its state of the art interactive web site
                  (www.geotele.com) to become the largest clearinghouse of VoIP
                  minutes and bandwidth for telecommunications companies, and its web
                  site (www.geotele.net) to become a major supplier of Internet services.
                  With seasoned executives leading the way, state-of-the-art equipment
                  providing the vehicle, and the fastest growing telecommunications
                  markets in the world, Geotele.com is poised to become a major player
                  in the trillion dollar global communications market.

                  Geotele.com's vision is to further expand over the next twelve months its
                  Internet based Virtual Private Network (VPN) telecommunication system
                  beyond North America and Europe to the emerging third world markets.

                  Consequently, Geotele.com is an international telecommunication
                  network provider dedicated to offering high quality international long
                  distance service to and from any country in the world. Since the
                  Company?s inception, Geotele.com has been dedicated to providing its
                  customers with:

                                  A full array of telecommunications products and
                                  Unparalleled management expertise, and
                                  Innovative design and engineering

                  Geotele.com is strategically located to handle a large volume of
                  international traffic throughout the world with its state-of-the-art switching
                  facilities. These facilities permit instant customer access to the
                  Geotele.com Virtual Network (GVN) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in
                  reaching any other telephone or data terminal anywhere around the

                  The rapidly changing international telecommunications market has
                  created a significant opportunity for Geotele.com, which can offer high
                  quality, low cost Internet based long distance service. To be successful,
                  international long distance companies must aggregate enough traffic to
                  maximize the use of both multiple routing options, invest in facilities, IP
                  gateways and switches, and remain flexible enough to locate and route
                  traffic through the most advantageous routes. The technological
                  advances of the last year have made the Internet the most cost-effective
                  method of transporting voice traffic, using the vastly improved IP
                  gateways that are now available.


                  COMPANY UNIQUENESS

                  Geotele.com has accomplished these critical success factors and is
                  ready to continue the expansion of the Geotele.com Virtual Network
                  (GVN) throughout the world. Unlike most VoIP start-ups, Geotele.com
                  has a proven track record as a facilities based wholesale carrier and the
                  experience needed to establish telecommunications ventures and
                  network deployment in foreign countries.

                  Geotele.com's capabilities are not solely in the formation of virtual
                  private networks, but in the Company?s ability to secure through proper
                  joint venture partners additional added value licenses. Geotele.com is
                  currently negotiating joint venture arrangements e.g. in the UK, France,
                  Mexico, China, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama,
                  Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, Venezuela
                  and Germany which will allow the Company to operate inter-country long
                  distance telephone calls. Geotele.com's vision is to be a "one-stop"
                  worldwide VoIP telecommunication service provider using their highly
                  acclaimed interactive web site as a main marketing tool and the
                  deployment of IP gateways to expand the network and terminate voice

                  Over the last year, the cost savings of carrying voice traffic over the
                  Internet have opened up tremendous opportunities for telecom
                  companies that have the infrastructure and know-how to enter the
                  business rapidly. Therefore, Geotele.com has been on the cutting edge
                  of developing new telecommunication products such as international
                  callback service, internet telephony, prepaid calling cards, and prepaid
                  cellular to ethnic markets. So why is Geotele.com poised to succeed
                  over most other company?s attempting to build VoIP networks?

                       www.GEOTELE.com and www.geotele.net are the most
                      innovative, state of the art virtual trading Web sites for Telecom
                      capacity worldwide.
                       Since 1995, as a wholesale carrier, Geotele.com has been
                      involved in carrying a large amount of traffic to international
                       Through years of experience Geotele.com has developed the
                      necessary knowledge needed to satisfy both customer and vendor
                       As early as September 1999 Geotele.com will initiate VoiP
                      Services for various countries and thus will achieve significant
                      revenues in the current year. Numerous contracts for the above
                      mentioned countries have already been concluded. Stockreporter
                      expects the first influx of earnings from these operations to occur
                      in October of 1999 at the latest, ensuring a sufficient cash flow to
                      finance, internally Geotele.com growth in the year 2000.



                  Geotele.com?s objective is to become a leading provider of VoIP
                  telecommunications services and bandwidth. The Company?s business
                  strategy includes the following seven key elements:

                    1.Maximize Operating Efficiencies: Geotele.com is successfully
                      reducing its cost of providing telecommunications services by
                      upgrading and converting its network to VoIp, deploying additional
                      switching facilities, adding leased and owned fiber-optic capacity
                      and entering into additional markets, like leasing bandwidth both
                      to ISP and telecom companies. Geotele.com believes that through
                      least cost routing, its central office Siemens switches, IP network,
                      IP gateways, and its other facilities, Geotele.com will be able to
                      further reduce the overall cost of its services.
                    2.Expand Global Sales: Geotele.com believes that establishing
                      the first fully interactive virtual trading floor web site for Telecom
                      capacity such as minutes and bandwidth will provide it with a
                      strong competitive cost saving advantage. www.geotele.com will
                      allow companies as well as ISP?s to buy telecom capacity such as
                      international termination minutes, VoIP minutes and bandwidth.
                      Geotele.com will act both as principal and broker in facilitating
                      these transactions. The ever-tightening market for bandwidth will
                      create many opportunities for profits. Geotele.com intends to buy
                      "IRU?s" (Indefinite Rights of Use) and lease them to telecom
                      companies worldwide. Geotele.com's interactive web site not only
                      should help achieve great savings in the marketing of international
                      termination minutes compared to standard marketing techniques,
                      but will also allow it to reach telephone companies and PTT?s
                      worldwide more efficiently.
                    3.Virtual Trading Floor: www.geotele.com has a virtual trading
                      feature whereby carriers, CLEC?s, ILECs, will be able to connect
                      to any of its facilities or POPs and, with a click of a mouse, route
                      calls to any of the carriers offering telecom capacity. The
                      functionality of those transactions coupled with trading anonymity,
                      guaranteed payment and instant delivery assure to attract carriers
                      worldwide. This virtual marketplace and delivery mechanism will
                      greatly reduce cost for all involved. Everyone will experience
                      tremendous savings, since carriers can connect to one central
                      market place instead of 40 or 50 separate vendors.
                    4.Target Business Customers: Geotele.com believes that it can
                      serve small and medium-sized business, by providing low cost
                      Internet based telecom services either through its 10-10-936
                      access or on a 1+ basis. Through the deployment of the VoIP
                      network, the company will be able to address Telecommunication
                      needs of a wider base of business customers.
                    5.Pursue Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Strategic
                      Alliances: Geotele.com seeks to acquire controlling interests in
                      companies that have established marketing organizations,
                      existing customer bases, complementary network facilities, new
                      services or technologies and experienced management teams. In
                      addition, the Company intends to make selective acquisition of its
                      Country Partner?s operations, in order to lower its selling, general
                      and administrative expense and increase control over these
                      distribution channels. Geotele.com also expects to acquire the
                      operations of other agents and marketing groups. Geotele.com
                      also has entered into joint ventures and strategic alliances with
                      selected business partners to enable it to enter additional markets
                      and to complement the Company?s current operations and service
                      offerings. Geotele.com is continuously reviewing opportunities and
                      believes that such acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic
                      alliances are an important means of expanding its network and
                      increasing network traffic volume, both of which are expected to
                      lower its overall cost of telecommunications services.
                    6.Company?s Partnering Opportunities: In its quest for
                      expansion and future growth Geotele.com has operated joint
                      venture and/or strategic alliances with international business
                    7.Broaden Market Penetration through Enhanced Service
                      Offerings: Geotele.com believes that offering a broad array of
                      enhanced services is essential to retaining existing customers and
                      to attracting new customers. Geotele.com plans to offer a
                      comprehensive solution to its customers? telecommunications
                      needs by providing enhanced services. Geotele.com believes that
                      its provision of such enhanced services will enable it to increase
                      its revenue from existing customers and to attract a broader base
                      of customers.

                  Geotele.com believes that the planned expansion of its international
                  telecommunications network and the integration of its networks through
                  combined voice data services will: allow the Company to realize certain
                  efficiencies; position itself among those global telecommunications
                  companies offering full services and employing leading edge
                  technologies; provide competitively priced international services.


                  EVALUATION AND OUTLOOK

                  Stockreporter?s experience indicates that Geotele.com will net at least
                  $0.06 per minute for traffic routed over the Company owned VoIP
                  network. That translates into a 15% margin business, which we think is a
                  conservative estimate for Geotele.com.

                  Guy Cohen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of
                  Geotele.com states that all negotiated contracts "will be fully hooked up
                  for VoIP worldwide in the 2nd quarter of the year 2000 at the latest".
                  These should produce monthly revenues of $10-12 million. Because of
                  the meteoric business growth in 1999, about three-quarters of these
                  commitments will generate revenue flows this year and amount to about
                  $24 million in income for the 4th quarter.

                  Using our conservative profile of 15% profitability, Stockreporter
                  estimates 1999 Geotele.com earnings at $3.6 million, or $0.78 per
                  share. Applying a reasonable 30xEPS multiple for this type of business
                  prompts us to value the stock at $23.00 for 1999. Moving into next year,
                  even if we discount forecasted income by 25%, Stockreporter estimates
                  year 2000 revenues at $108 million. Our conservative valuation model
                  then takes the share price to $106.00 by year-end 2000. We have used
                  a 20% per year revenue growth assumption for the next two years. This
                  is an extremely modest view given everyone?s prediction of the
                  explosive growth potential of this business sector:


                      Gross Revenue Estimates:

                              Year 1999: $24,000,000

                              Year 2000: $108,000,000

                              Year 2001: $130,000,000

                              Year 2002: $160,000,000

                      Net Earnings Estimates (15%):

                              Year 1999: $3,600,000

                              Year 2000: $16,200,000

                              Year 2001: $19,500,000

                              Year 2002: $24,000,000

                      Earnings per Share Estimates:

                              Year 1999: $0.78

                              Year 2000: $3.52

                              Year 2001: $4.24

                              Year 2002: $5.22

                      Share Price Targets:

                              Year 1999: $23

                              Year 2000: $106

                              Year 2001: $127

                              Year 2002: $157

                  To reiterate, Stockreporter sees the above estimates as very
                  conservative given our view of the market, Geotele.com capability and
                  current positioning. We have not even taken into consideration the
                  following factors, which represent significant enhancements to the
                  Company?s potential and the share price:

                       Revenue estimates do not include income from the successful
                      Internet Division of Geotele.com that CEO Guy Cohen intends to
                      expand into a first-class Portal for business customers.
                      Geotele.com plans the spin-off of this division in the 1st quarter of
                      the year 2000 to become a NASDAQ listed company. Talks with
                      interested investment banks are already underway. This division is
                      said to have a value of about $15 per GEOL share that has not
                      been factored into our projected values.
                       Geotele.com is also currently preparing to apply for NASDAQ
                      listing which should occur in the 1st quarter of the year 2000. CEO
                      Guy Cohen expects the Company to be fully compliant by year end
                      1999 and that this will spark considerable interest among
                      institutional buyers, resulting in a significant catalyst to share price
                      increases in the 1st quarter of 2000 the latest.
                      There are only 4.6 million issued shares of Geotele.com with a
                      mere 1.6 million shares in the float. CEO Guy Cohen assured
                      Stockreporter that, "no issuing of new shares is planned", since
                      that would be inconsistent with the Company?s firm commitment to
                      enhancing shareholder value.
                      Geotele.com?s current market capitalization of barely $5 million is
                      a fraction of the $100 million average for other VoIP companies
                      that are projecting about the same year 2000 income as is
                       Current revenue forecasts reflect business in geography that
                      represents about 35% of the world?s population. Not included is
                      probable income flowing from agreements currently being
                      negotiated in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.
                       Geotele.com is said to be in negotiation with a large German
                      telephone company that is listed on the rapidly growing "Neuer
                      Markt", comparable to the NASDAQ in the U.S. The hint of deal
                      alone prompted intensive foreign buying of GEOL shares last
                      week. Some of the buyers were German banks.
                      Geotele.com has confirmed to Stockreporter, that it is going to file
                      an application for listing on one of the major European stock
                      exchanges. This is being done in co-operation with Schnigge Inc.
                      and OTC Europe Associates. This move is being made to
                      increase Geotele.com's international exposure and to establish
                      new relations with investors in Europe, "in anticipation of new
                      major contracts and operations within Europe", said Guy Cohen.
                      This listing will open the door to even more major institutional
                      investments by e.g. national European funds as well as investment
                      bankers, and will prompt a significant impetus to the share price.

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